ICD device

ICD device

Hi, been off here for a while, due to health issues. Anyway, I had an ICD implant on 12th Aug. It should have been a 3 lead connection, but halfway through the procedure, I experienced the most severe pain in the middle of my back & chest. Neither me or my EP could explain it, as my heart was functioning normally. I was given morphine. he had to cut short the op. and connect only 2 leads. When I was returned to the ward in the bed, sitting up, the pain was well gone within 20 mins. On reflection, I think the pain was from acid reflux, which I've had for several years. Lying flat on the operating table must have triggered it, as I would never normally lie flat. My bedhead is raised to try and offset an attack. The pain from acid reflux can be as severe as a heart attack, it was certainly excruciating in the theatre. Now, because I have only a 2 lead device, I will need an av node ablation at some point.

I had an episode of AF 3 days after the op, (I'd had two months free of it prior to!), it lasted 5 days and I was re-admitted to hospital, where they increased Bisoprolol to 10mg. Since then, I've had short sporadic episodes.

During that 1 day stay, I contracted a viral infection!! It absolutely floored me, I felt so ill, weak and so tired all the time. It lasted for over 2 weeks, I've only just started to feel better these last few days. Hospitals are'nt always the healthiest places to be!

Hope all here are reasonably well. Nice to be back.

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  • What were they feeding you?

  • Only had sandwiches and one lunch, I was there just for the day!

  • Oh bless you, keep improving! X

  • Oh I really hope you feel better soon. x

  • Good luck with such a complicated situation!

  • I suggest that you search for the post 22 days ago that I made called "More on Magnesium" and scroll down to see the section on acid reflux. This may help you understand the causes of acid reflux and you may wish to try the solutions mentioned.

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