My attacks are getting more frequent, generally at night, I was able to stop them with the breathing technique but that is working less now!! I was given pill in the pocket (metoprosol) I used to go into severe tachycardia but now it's just the BIG box of frogs syndrome!! Should I take the pill fir that? Or was that only helpful fir tachycardia? Never seen anyone since diagnoses of paf nearly 18 months ago, is thus. NOW FULL AF?? Thanks in advance Bob and Ian. Haha

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  • A lot of people, me included, can only sleep on one side. With me I have to sleep on my right side otherwise I get AF straight away. Don't know whether that will help or not?


  • Yes I only sleeping right but nothing helping right now, thank you for your reply, keep well

  • Have you tried taking magnesium to see if that helps, or rubbing it on in oil form etc. It's helped me.


  • No not yet, never knew about oil? Where do you rub it 😀

  • I usually rub it into my stomach and also use magnesium flakes in my bath. I buy both in H&B. Have seen a big change for the better in my heart since doing these things. Stopped using it for a while recently and my heart started playing up again. Magnesium works for me. You can also buy tablets, but I get a sore stomach if I take these.


  • Only shower here but will try oil thank you, as don't fancy taking pills

  • AF, as I am sure you will have been told, is almost always progressive so things seem to be quite normal for you. Now is the time to see your EP again about discussing the next step.


  • Never see one? Saw cardiologist twice then more or less said go away and get on with it or go back to GP, so guess will start there, thank you

  • Hi. Can some explain to me 'the breathing technique as mentioned in Lingoooz's post please?



  • It's very hard to describe, you breath in hard filling your cheeks with air then holding lips tightly closed. You let it out very slowly

  • Thanks. I will try that next time.

  • Hi Lingooz

    Read the replies, and right now I think you need to go back to your GP and ask to be referred to an EP and NOT a cardiologist, you need a specialist who can advice you on the next steps and treatments, and neither your GP nor regretably most cardiologist are able to do that.

    If your AF is getting worse, then you need to be advised on the next steps, and yes take your pill if you get an attack, and also make sure you are anti-coagulated.

    Be well


  • Been on warfarin for over a year, thank you, I will make appointment with gp for a referral!. Do all hospitals have a EP?

  • No, not all hospitals have an EP. My local hospital (Ipswich, Suffolk) does not and people used to have to travel some distance to see one. Now an EP comes regularly from Papworth (Cambs) to hold a clinic in Ipswich. Treatment, if EP specialist needed, is then carried out at Papworth, but saves the initial long journey for diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Oh right I use WEST suffolk will have to enquire

  • West Suffolk would have been my choice of hospital (I am more or less equidistant to WS and Ipswich) but they don't have an EP either! You may find tho -depending where you are in the West Suffolk area - that you are nearer to Papworth anyway and can go there direct! Good luck!

  • I am in Mundford nr Thetford, long journey wherever 😞

  • Yes, that's a difficult place to get to and from! Maybe Norfolk and Norwich or even Peterborough?

  • I don't think they all do. When I saw my GP he pulled a catalogue out of his desk - I'd already found details of the local EP online, and as it happened, he was one of the people in the catalogue. :)


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