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I have had AF once or twice a year for the past 3 years (with the odd bump and grind arrhythmia thrown in) and because of a suspected clot am on Warfarin.  It's been a year now since the last episode and because of other health concerns I "feel the need" to go on anti-inflammatory meds, but when I mention going off Warfarin I get reminded that I may be getting it through the night and not realise.  So, does anyone know of a Fitbit type of arm band linked to a phone which records the tempo of your pulse, not pulse-rate, but any arrhythmias.  I am guessing there is a market for home monitoring devices.   

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  • Kardia (previously known as Alivcor) are bringing out a watch that can continously monitor your ecg. Have a google about it. Not sure when it will be approved for sale though. 

  • It's a good start to know it's in the pipeline

  • I think that Microlife have a version of their WatchBPHome that monitors through the night. Not sure of the functionality. I use the A (for AFib) version approved by NICE.

  • I haven't heard of them Peter, but I'll certainly look them up.

  • It is a cuff monitor. The one I have shows BP, HR and whether in AF or normal (HR and AF functions not much use to me as I am in persistent AF!!).

  • You may be going into AF overnight or if this is not the case now it could easily occur in the future as episodes will almost invariably become more frequent and last longer.   You are not thinking of taking an a anticoagulant only when you have an episode, like a 'pill in the pocket', are you?   That could be very dangerous and wouldn't work at all of course with slow acting warfarin.

  • Well, I must admit, that had crossed my mind.  I had a couple of AF's in 2012, a couple in 2013, one in April 2014 and one in March 2015 so before I make any decisions I would like to monitor myself for 6 months and see if I am clear at night.  I sleep like a log, so I could be pounding all over the bed and wouldn't know it.  I am guessing taking an anti-inflammatory with Warfarin is worse than no Warfarin at the moment, so I am taking it slowly, slowly

  • I was fitted with a 7 day ECG monitoring device which recorded a 36 hr episode of AF that I didn't know about. My EP had suspected that I was having more episodes than I realized.

    Please keep taking anticoagulants.

  • If you need anti-inflammatory medication,why not change to Apixaban,it is one of the new NOAC drugs and is compatible with non-steroidals!

  • Well ......... I went off Warfarin cold-turkey in 2015 after being AF free for twelve months and three days later I had a major bout.  Had a consult with Dr Google and came up with this which was incredibly interesting and I have read a paper about rebound when coming off Warfarin to go onto the new age drugs, so I am wary of that little window in between.  You know, the old dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.   

  • I take Apixaban and was told not to take any non-steroids such as Ibuprufen and Diclofenac as they can increase the anti-coagulation effect.

  • It's like running the gauntlet isn't it.  Different doctor, different opinion.  Makes it tricky. 

  • I also have Rheumatoid Disease so have to take lots of medication,which is chosen by my Dr and pharmacist to give me a balance with my AF meds!

  • I think that regardless of what your heart is doing the suspected clot should encourage you to stay on anticoagulants. Please don't play Russian Roulette with your health.

  • Thanks Bob, I know where you are coming from, but with pain that requires anti-inflammatories I'm looking at all options. 

  • Do you have Rheumatoid Disease?if so there are drugs which can be taken AF!

  • I know it's difficult but I avoid any sort of painkillers or anti inflammatory medicines like the plague! Being on metoprolol, apixaban, losartan, simvastatin and aspirin it simply isn't worth it - and I checked with both the GP and pharmacist.

    I went a long time with PAF without being properly anti coagulated - it was the first thing  my EP changed and put me on Apixaban.

    In hindsight I was lucky to get away with it.

  • I save up my regulation 6 Panadol per month for if I have a very special function etc and you're right, best to look for alternatives to anti- inflammatories.

  • May I express surprise that your doc has not had you wear a monitor to discover if you experience arrhythmia's at other times.  Of course, that would be for a limited time, and you yourself would probably like to do something as well.  But, first, why not ask your doctor if you can wear such a monitor? I'm from the USA so may be ignorant of procedures in the UK. 

  • I'm in Oz and I've had three goes at halter monitors, but they only record for 24 hours.  I only get AF once or twice a year so I would have thought if I had AF during sleep, it too wouldn't be all that often either, leaving a very small opportunity to record any activity.  Medicos don't seem all that bothered, as long as I stay on anti-coagulants.  I'm not planning on going off them just for the sake of it, but by the same token I am reluctant to swallow stuff if it's not absolutely necessary.  With all this Fitbit gear the rage, in my naivety, I thought how simple to have one that just records each beat to your phone.   

  • Once wore a monitor for 30 days which is why I was thinking your doc might be helpful.  But, there are all types of things so readily available to us lay people today.  There could be something out there.

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