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A very scared newby

I am on the point of an appointment with my local hospital following a 24 HR monitor due to an irregular and sometimes raised HR I am overweight and blood sugars far to high. Since the monitor in May this year I have lost weight and now my glucose levels are pretty well normal. I have noticed since losing the weight and lowering the blood sugar levels the incidence of irregular pulse and raised HR have ceased. I am due to go on a weeks holiday mid September my appointment is due next week and I am thinking of postponing the appointment until I return from holiday. I am concerned that going to the hospital next week will effect my holiday. The holiday is my first with my grandaughter and would be devastated if I was told not to go. I would appreciate views on the wisdom of this.

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Hi Roy

Firstly no need to be scared, the risk is probably mainly from the blood sugars than from the irregular heartbeat.

Firstly should you go on the appointment yes, of course, because hopefully they will conduct some tests on you which will tell you what condition you are suffering from, be aware that they might also prescribe warfarin for you, but that's a bif of a pfaff but nothing to worry about.

You need to establish what is wrong and then arm yourself with knowledge to find out how to treat it, so the appointment will only help you.

Then should you go on holiday, absolutely YES, that too will only help, of course the appointment might change your travel insurance premium, but that should not stop you going.

Loads of people here in the same position as you, so ask anything you like

Be well



Thank you for your reply and advice.


Hi! Roy,

Try not to miss this appointment. This is important for you. Essential. I hardly think it will change your mode of operation for the holiday. It might even help (encourage improved diet and more exercise).

I am intrigued by the loss of weight, back to normal glucose levels and the loss of irregular and high heartbeat. Sounds if you are going in the right direction under your own steam and something that I am attempting to do (weight loss). Seems a critical and holistic aspect of combating AF.

One of the problems it seems is that the medical profession are overkeen to reach for the prescription pad and pump you full of pills at the least opportunity. You seem to have proved them wrong? Could someone make an observation on that please?

Enjoy your holiday Roy.


Thanks I hope I prove them wrong too and i couldn't agree more that giving out pills is sometimes a too simplistic approach to this AF. I have been overweight all my life I suppose hense the type 2 diabetes. Losing weight is not easy and I have yo-yoed all my life. Hopefully AF will concentrate my mind in at last losing weight permanently. Luckily I don't have raised blood pressure and enjoy a cholesterol reading of 2.1

Thanks again for your reply.



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