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Post Catheter Ablation issues

On June 12th of this year I had a catheter ablation for an arrhythmia that started after receiving another ablation on the nerves in my lower back, not sure if it's related. It's 2 months later and I notice that for the past few weeks I'll get a little light headed and my heart rate will go up to about 100-110. I'm not doing anything active when it happens so it's confusing me. The elevated heart rate is also accompanied with a feeling of being hot, maybe from the elevated heart rate? I'm just wondering if something else could be going on. I have a follow up tomorrow with my cardiologist so maybe he'll give some info...

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Hi James, I have always got that elevated heart rate, but low blood pressure and feel crook with that.

I have just had my 2nd ablation (one week ago) and have still got the raised heart rate and low blood pressure, but I am hoping by the end of the month when I go off my Verapamil (heart tablet as well as blood pressure tablet) I will go back to normal everything.

I can be sitting watching the roses grow and go into AF our bosies are different and there is no quick fix, just the fix we have, I hope yours settles soon.


Hi James,

That used to happen to me also, you need to tell them at your appointment, Its a really horrible feeling when it just comes on, thankfully fingers crossed I don't get it anymore thanks to my pacemaker.

Hope you get sorted.



It took about 6 months for my HR to settle after ablation - 80-90 went to 70-80, gradually after 18 months it is now a very steady 65, every day. As my HR stabilised, so did my BP which was always very low at 85-45 'normal' before ablation, dropping to 70/35 or lower in disrythmia.

Good to mention at your 3 months check-up if it doesn't start to settle,things take much longer to settle and heal than you ever think should. The light headed feeling could be low BP, especially if it happens when you stand up quickly. Check your BP, if it is normal I would suggest you go see your GP.

If it worries you - speak to your GP soonest. I didn't recover as I thought I should after ablation and there WAS something else going on but I had to wait until definitive symptoms to appear.

Best wishes.


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