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Bowen Therapy

Had my first session with a Bowen therapist ,he didn't think there was anything wrong with my vagus nerve ,he said that when I speak my stomach does not move ,that I was a shallow breather and did I have a stammer when I was young.I said no.Well you came very close to having one he said , wanted to know did anything happen when I was young.I said no .What about school.

That got me thinking ,I had a brute of a teacher for two years when I was 9 and 10 and I would take a deep breath when asked a question and prepare myself for the physical onslaught if I got it wrong .It's only when things go wrong that you realize that breathing correctly is important. Brian.

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Interesting! When did you have your session? Looking at the Bowen website, it seems that most of the actual improvement happens after the session, so it will be interesting (again!) to see what happens.



What is Bowen therapy?


Google will explain but it is basically a mixture of reflexology and gentle manipulation which helps the body to re-align and heal itself.

One must understand that the treatment creates something of a wave in symptoms which usually get worse after the first day or so before improving towards the end of the first week.



Sounds like interesting stuff - I hope it helps...



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