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Trevor I have had 8 cardioverions ,it doesn't hurt it's a great feeling when you come round and your heart is pumping right speed ,and you have so much energy, and you don't feel like a knackered old horse .you must take it easy and know your limits . I am a very independent person found it hard to relax but you learn to live with af a know your limits .good luck and hope everything goes well.

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Hi Marfleet your post is so timely . I am seeing my Dr on Tuesday after taking Cordarone.x at his recommendation for last few weeks. I don't think it has worked so expect he will be recommending Cardioversion. I take Dabigataran so have to visit a non local hospital.

Like many, I suffer white coat which in short for me means I am truly illogically terrified of all things hospital especially being put to sleep. Weird I know but difficult see the positive. Cardioversion has been on my mind for a while now and imagination running away with me. I don't look up medical stuff on the Internet as I know this will scare me. I really am a worrier and am unable to put things like this to the back of my mind.

Your reassurance that it does not hurt is very good news and that you survived 8 even better, although it is concerning so many needed I was was hopeful it is one and done, oh well such is life.

Many thanks again


I was a little afraid of cardiovesion I have had several and all where no big deal. After one i had a vacation planned. I rode in the car for 10 hours after and it was fine.


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