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Pacemaker questions

It is ten weeks from my pacemaker insertion and I am still experiencing pain over the pacemaker site and also over the old leads on the opposite side. Just started driving again and returned to work three weeks ago. Only working part time at present but my boss is pressurising me to return to full time work immediately. Would like to know how other people coped with their pacemakers and working. I sit at a computer and it's full on pounding the keyboards. Having had many different heart problems all my life I have coped with them all but now feel I am being a bit of a wuss over this. Not my usual style. Also a question for the ladies with pacemakers - having leads on both sides makes it so difficult to wear a shoulder bag, what do you do. Any men with man bags feel free to answer!

Thanks, moan over.

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I had my pacemaker inserted last December and even though the wound has healed

it is still painful at times, still need to carry bag on other shoulder or just carry it.

Bra straps are still a pain and when my kids need a cuddle I am aware of it.

I am sorry I cannot comment on return to work as I did not go back after feeling so ill beforehand. I am however much better health wise and returning as bank staff working when I want but I understand it is not that simple for everyone but don't let them pressure you, at the end of the day you are more important than any job, get in touch with your occupational health if you have one and let them know the score. (again not ideal for everyone).

What a pain having both sides affected maybe just carrying your bag by hand for a while,not ideal!.

Hope you get this sorted soon.


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Thanks Wendi. Good to know I am not alone. Take care.


Hi, can't really comment on the time the pain should last. I only had my CRT-D fitted on Tuesday. Pain, so far, seems quite bearable as long as I watch my left arm movement. I would have thought that after 10 weeks the pain should have eased off. Has it got any worse or showing any signs of redness around the wound? If so it could be infection. Best to get it checked out at your GP or hospital that did the procedure.

I would also echo Wendi's comments about your health.

Hope you get it resolved soon.


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hi had mine last august initially wore bras similar to sports bras wider straps and softer not sports bra but same style can step into them too. Bags pain indeed try across body if you can. If my youngest grandson cuddles up he always manages to make me say ouch. It does get easier good luck

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Thanks everyone. Seeing my doctor next Tuesday and spoke with the pacemaker

Clinic today. I can ask my doctor to refer me there if he thinks there is a problem but I am hoping that everything is ok and that I just need more time.


i can ring any time to pace maker clinic if think anything a miss they will fit me in i think

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