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Going for Ablation

Hi, I've been following this site for a month or so

since my diag with AF, Haven't posted for a bit as I

don't consider myself 'qualified' enough to offer advice.

After locally being put on 1.25 Biso with no further

action planned I took advice from here and

asked for referral to EP and he considers me

ideal for ablation as symptoms effect me greatly.

Not suitable for the various drugs due

to age, 67, my lowish base HR, and long term side affects.

So I signed on the dotted line. Heck! The possible complications

seem somewhat scary but they said similar when I had a prostate

jobby! On we go..........................and thanks to all for their

journey experiences they're a great help.

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Hi, Im sure you have made the right decision Ive had two the last in May and Im feeling a lot better. I didnt contribute for months just read the posts and found it all very interesting and still do.

Good luck.

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Good call. I had the prostate jobby as well. They told me it would make me omnipotent and incompetent. At least I think that is what they said.


Gotta have that "gallows humor!"


Good luck- I understand re meds and pulse rate- same as you myself- no ablation yet but if I became very symptomatic like you I would re think this!

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OK Check my pulse, I too was a perfect candidate and had number 1 ablation 11 months ago. I am due for the 2nd one in 2 weeks.

Be prepared for the chance of having a 2nd and maybe third if you are like some of us who heal too well and the breakthrough electrical shocks ell they breakthrough.

Good Luck as this condition can really peeve you if not corrected. I am not going into this 2nd one with blinkers on, I was so positive it worked the first time, I posted from my prone position in hospital on the day.

2 months later I had a bed booked at the local hospital from my continued fortnightly visits. After going back onto my meds, verapamil and clovix I am now steady with just a few ectopic episodes.


I too am waiting for an ablation at Harefield . I've been referred to Inez Senior , don't know anything about her , and not sure how to find out. I was told there was a waiting list of about 6 months so that takes me up to Christmas ! I've yet to hear from the hospital . Can anyone shed any light on waiting lists please ?


You are on journey and we all have different ones....even though we are all in this together of luck with your procedure and may the force be with you...the best advice I had from here was take your time afterwards to allow your heart to heal inside and I thank Bob for that advice as what he said made so much sense to me....its 9 months for me now and I don't regret having the ablation even though my experience had some post procedure others on here it eventually works itself out one way or another. I wish you all the best and keep writing on here as everyone is such a great help when things don't seem to go to plan....


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