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Please could somebody explain to me what AliveCor's new HB Fluctuation means. I am probably being very thick but taking 2 readings yesterday my results were 25 BFx and 49 BPM followed 5 mins. later by 56 BFx and 50 BPM.

I realise the HBx means heart beat fluctuation but what I don't understand is what it means in relation to heart beats per minute.Thanks in advance for any replies.


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  • Thomps answer on this thread may help to explain it.

  • Thanks Finvola .I did read Thompson post but I still don't understand what it means .Should the BFx and BPM be the same or if they are not does it mean that although in NSR the heart rate is uneven and if it is , does it matter? Fi

  • Sorry Fi, I'm out of my depth as I use the device with an iPad and cannot yet experiment with the new facility.

    In the event that no one else can help, why not email AliveCor as they are usually very prompt in replying.

  • Good idea.Thanks.


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