3rd ablation

Thank you all for your support

Not good news. Procedure abandoned after 2 hours. Heart was in aggressive af and didnt have the right tool. Lots of scar tissue present after last 2 procedures. Will need to come back and he will be working on me all day maybe in august. He deemed the op too dangerous to carry on. Pissed off does not cover how I feel at the moment. Wound at the top of my leg wont stop bleeding so have to stay in tonight again. Not happy. Xx

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  • Oh Vissy, so sorry to hear that, what a crashing disappointment for you. I do hope you can get a good resolution over time. In the meantime I hope your leg issue is sorted quickly.

    I had an EP study earlier this year and did not get the outcome I was expecting and hoping for so I empathise with you. I hope you feel less upset in the coming days.

    Best wishes, thinking of you.


  • Thank you. Dr leong came and spoke to me a little while ago and I feel better now. As he said better to be safe than sorry.

  • That was exactly my experience on my first ablation, but really better

    safe than sorry. Hope alls well in the end,, but I know how disappointed you must feel. So sorry.

  • So sorry to hear this but at least they are not giving up. Where are you having it done? I hope you have a restful night.x

  • Thank you. im in the Heath in Cardiff. They have been fantastic even with this setback. Looking forward to going home now and plan the next step. Xx

  • How disappointing for you! I can understand why you're feeling so p'd off, but so much better to be safe than sorry. At least there is a plan in place to help you at a later date.

    Hope your disappointment soon fades.


  • I thought I recognised the name! I had my first ablation in February with Dr O Callaghans team at the Heath. I remembered that the other E.P. was Dr Leong. I also thought that the care I received from everyone was fantastic. Let us know when you know what the plan of action will be. Take care of yourself.x

  • My first pulmonary vein ablation was done by Dr O'Callaghan. Thank you I will keep you up to date. Xx

  • sorry to hear this but at least you are in sensible hands,

  • Where did you have it done, which hospital, not heard of anyone that needed it done more than the once. Sorry you are having such a bad time

  • I had it done in the Heath in Cardiff. xx

  • so sorry so sorry

  • So sorry you've not got the outcome you hoped for and hope everything goes well for you in August.Take care.

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