I had a post in the forum a couple of weeks ago telling of my horror when I found amongst my discharge papers from hospital a form stating, no resuscitation. I took this up with the PALS people at my local hospital, they were most upset and very apologetic, they had their head of department speak to me, she couldn't have been nicer and took the case up for me.

I have just had another 5 days in hospital and mentioned this to a nurse, she couldn't have been more helpful and explained that my lungs are so bad that should they be able to restart my heart, the lungs wouldn't be able to cope and I would have to be on a life support machine, I had a word with a doctor the same day and he fully explained the problems.

Whilst now accepting this I was still annoyed that the issuing Doctor had ticked the box saying it had been fully explained to me. The Matron came to see me and he had apologiesed. Maybe next time he will follow procedures in the correct manner!

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  • Pleased you got that sorted, Tatters. Thanks for filling us in. It's important that boxes don't get ticked inappropriately and let's hope everyone has learnt a lesson. It's so good that you noticed and drew their attention to it. I'm glad they were so apologetic.

  • quite ridiculous- leased you have sorted it out!

  • Not a nice experience for you, glad you've sorted it out now.

  • Sorry you had that difficulty, sounds like the original doctor failed you. An apology and an explanation has at least helped you, what a shame your original doctor could not have been more frank with you.

    Best wishes CS

  • bloody hell, charming, no wonder they are falling over themselves to apologise. BOO BOO big time

  • When I was in hospital last August I noticed that my records wrongly said that I had already had an ablation. I was still telling them it was wrong when I left a week later, but they weren't listening.

  • Some time ago I posted on here that a nurse had sent out a report which stated that I suffered from light headedness. Not sure where she got that idea but it has stayed on my records with my denial added. But mud sticks!

    A friend who has a fairly common name, Sarah Johnson, was recently mixed up with another Sarah Johnson. She only discovered there was a problem when she was given an odd prescription. She now has it on her records that she is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. And they won't take it off!

    We all need to keep our wits about us!

  • If you don't live in East Anglia you may not have seen this:


  • That is absolutely awful!

    The poor woman! Talk about adding insult to injury!

  • Just jaw dropping, ectopic.

  • I don't know how she got her records for a tenner, so far mine have cost me £175 and counting. By the time I've got the lot it'll be over £300. Perhaps you get a discount if you're carted off in handcuffs.

  • Some of the doctors just won't listen, maybe more so with myself at78years old, they think we are past it, WRONG, whilst the body maybe worn out the brain still functions pretty well. After all it's our body they are dealing with not theirs !

    After all the grumbles, the care I have had on my 3 stays in hospital this year has been exceptional, it's just the odd staff member that causes problems.

  • Well that's just disgraceful. SORRY is far too easy to say and is far to common to be believed these days. Sorry, I really am, that you're so poorly Tatters. I have recently had a friend die after ten years of 'being explained too' - as to why he should have a DNA signed. 10 good years.

    He wasn't ready to die & after being resuscitated numerous times, his quality of life was worth it to him, his family and his friends. Its a personal decision which only you should have the right to make. I'm totally disgusted as I had to inform a deaf woman in hospital once that she had signed one -(long story) - but she was completely unaware of it. How often does this happen? and who sends the DNA form to get signed by you?. Do you remember signing it?. Did someone talk you through it before you signed it?. Was it signed (by you?). Did someone else make the decision without your consent? You had every right to be angry. I'm livid for you.

    Keep well Ann x

  • No I never signed anything and as I have said previously at no time was I not with it, it was the doctor ticked the box saying it had been explained to me!

  • You must have felt so upset. It makes me wonder if we should all walk into hospital with a "I have NOT signed a DNA form so please resuscitate and IGNORE any other form signed (ticked) by ALL MEDICAL STAFF".

    Aaahh - lives can be taken away because of a tick by someone you needn't necessarily have met. There's something REALLY wrong here !!!! x

  • I'm very pleased that you managed to get this sorted and that the hospital apologised. I think the particular doctor also owes you an apology.

    I thought it was disgraceful that neither you or your family were consulted and it makes you wonder how many other cases there are that go undetected.

  • I have a number of things that are incorrect in my records. I spoke to specialist nurse who said nothing could be done to remove it & I would need to explain if I'm ever an inpatient. Not much help if you are unconscious, or even conscious, since in my experience doctors believe other doctors written information before they will believe the patient. I'm feeling really annoyed about this attitude, after all, its my body.

  • Hi Purple, as you say it's not much good if you are unconscious, no chance of explaining your records then. As often comes out some of these doctors forget it is our bodies they re dealing with not some products on a production line !!

    Keep at them for everyone's sake.

  • Thanks for your encouragement Tatters, you have done a good job.

    I sometimes find it hard because we are so dependent on their good-will towards us and I already have a paranoid feeling that I am considered a challenging patient! I think this attitude can have good or bad effect - we are taken notice of because there is a fear we will take complaints further or we are ignored because of the view "its them again".

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