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Hi All, my hubby has AF but can't feel it. He has a pacemaker in situ and takes Warfarin. He would never have known he had the condition if I hadn't taken his BP on a whim one day. It was very high so he made an appt to see the doc and I told him to mention that his heartbeat was irregular too which these modern BP machines don't diagnose. It snowballed from there and he was shocked as he is a very fit man, to think he'd done 22 Great North Runs with a dicky ticker! Anyway pacemaker has been in 4 years now and he still doesn't feel any different but hates taking Warfarin for the side effects. He doesn't take anything for the AF is this okay?

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I also had a pacemaker fitted earlier this year, I don't take any meds for my AF apart from Rivaroxiban instead of warfarin which has been great for me as my INR levels were never stable, I feel great! obviously still have AF but no nasty effects from it.


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If a person is in permanent AF which from what you say he is and has no symptoms, then drugs are unlikely to help. Regarding his fitness, there is evidence that endurance athletes are good candidates to get AF due to the way it affects their hearts. Everything in moderation!

Anticoagulation is vital to prevent AF related stroke as I am sure that you understand but there are four alternative anticoagulants which can be prescribed . Unlike warfarin they do not need regular testing but against that some do not have an antidote. This really is not a major concern as they only stay in the body a relatively short time. I'm not sure what you mean about side affects of warfarin as I have been taking it for ten years plus with no problems other than slightly brittle nails. Some people find it a difficult drug but it is up to each patient to make their own mind up what they take. not the doctor, so why not discuss. There is a very good fact sheet on anticoagulation on the main AF Association website where you will also find many other sheets on all aspects of this mongrel condition.

For model protocol on treatment of AF go to CAREAF website.


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Chic27 in reply to BobD

Thank you Bob. His side affects are, feeling the cold really badly plus an exacerbation of his eczema. However on the plus side he has cut alcohol down to 3 or 4 pints a week and never touches spirits, doesn't run anymore but walks miles.

My Granny used to say that people who felt the cold more had thin blood. That is certainly the case with many on Warfarin. A racecourse Bookie I know who is on Warfarin is never seen even on the warmest day without a massive overcoat.

Hi, I only take warfarin too, as pill in pocket, which is just when you feel heart beat to crazy or fast, but as your hubby does not feel this, it would be of no use, long as he is monitored regular for blood pressure (which then assume he would be put on beta blockers) should be fine! In MY very humble opinion 😀

Feeling the cold more may be due to impaired circulation. I wonder if he also doesn't tolerate heat well. That would also be due to impaired circulation, resulting in poorer cooling (experience speaking here).

Good for him to be fit and active. But you don't mention what his a-fib does - is it intermittent? constant? stronger at different times of day? Depending on just what it's doing, it could be fairly benign, and it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Not to scare you, but ... I heard about a man who worked as a forester for 40 years, all the while ignoring his a-fib, which was asymptomatic. He dropped dead at 60 - his heart simply gave out.

I'm not saying your hub should have surgery or take drugs. I am saying that AF isn't something to take lightly, even though it may not interfere much with activity.

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Chic27 in reply to Kodaska

I don't know as far as I'm concerned his heart consultant just fitted a pacemaker and started him on warfarin. He is also on Doxasozin and Amlodipine for BP which is fine at the moment. It is a well known fact that people taking Warfarin feel the cold as it thins the blood. He feels well and walks a lot and says he wouldn't know he had A fib.

Maybe he should suggest to his GP that he takes one of the newer anticoagulant drugs if he does not like Warfarin. I hated it but am fine and happy on Apixaban.


I hav never heard of warafin as a pill in the pocket - who put you on this? Dosent sound very safe.

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Chic27 in reply to cassie46

I agree Warfarin is a blood thinner not something to be taken as and when needed. It is not used for any other purpose.

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