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Pace maker fitted

Back from visit to doctors ten days later!

He sent me to hospital and they kept me in and said I had to have a pacemaker as my heart was pausing and I couldn't have a cardioversion straight away as it was too dangerous as I wasn't on any anti coagulation. Anyway they did the pacemaker op and I came home yesterday . I'm off Flecanide and have to take amiodarone with a cardioversion booked for 26.1.15. I've to go back to have the wound checked in a week and then at thend of December for the leads to be tested. They've put me on Paradoxol . Sorry to have been so long answering and thanks for all the good wishes, I was so pleased to hear that Jeanie jeans AF had reverted by itself, hop mine does too. Keep well. Terry.

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Oh dear fancy having to do that when just going to docs, I was offered

a pacemaker when I went to see EP, either that or ablation or amiodorone

I chose ablation. The problem is pacemaker doesnt stop af and if the idea

is to stop medication is doesnt help there either does it. Im in a bit of a

quandary about it as if my ablation doesnt work I wouldnt have another

even if offered one, I feel Im too old. Have you ever had an ablation, why

were you at the docs. Do hope whatever the problem is its sorted out

for you.


Hi Shirley when the heart pauses, ie it stops, an ablation wouldn't help and would be far too dangerous. The pacemaker is a very simple procedure, usually a day case, it is performed nowadays under a local anesthetic and sometimes, not always, it also treats the AF,

My husband had a pacemaker fitted this Feb and hasn't had an AF episode since. He had it fitted so that he could have treatment for the AF, but we were told that as it could also eliminate AF episodes and it did.


Sorry to read about that Terry. Quite a shock indeed. Stay well and rest plenty.



Very best wishes for a good recovery, ditto what Bob said.


So sorry to hear all that has been happening Terry. Lets hope your cardioversion early next year works. They always do for me and it's so lovely to wake from the anaesthetic cured. Keep in touch and let us know how things progress.



Hi Terjo


Seemed like the best response



Thank you all for your kind wishes. In a way it was good that it all happened so quickly and I didn't have time too think about it. I'm glad that I wasn't a day patient as the pain after the operation was pretty awful and I had to have very strong painkillers that just about knocked me out. The ward and care that I received were excellent, just wish that I'd been lucky enough to get rid of the AF . Let's hope that the amiodarone does some good and that the cardioversion works in January if nothing happens before then. Your support has been so helpful to me. Keep well Terry.


Many times 2 ablations and maybe 3 are needed to get all the AFIB/Flutter. The more you do, baring complications, the success rates go higher.


I had my second pacemaker fitted on Friday. The first one was put in six days after I had open heart surgery to remove a myxoma in 2009. Since then I have had two ablations, the last one being in May of this year. It was discovered just prior to having this years ablation that one of the leads to my old pacemaker was dysfunctional. It was decided that I should have a new pacemaker box and new leads fitted. The cardiologist who did the pacemaker operation on Friday said that it the new pacemaker, named biventricular type helped to balance the heart rhythm better. It did not guarantee an AF free life but had been found to help AF in some cases. I hope that you are going to be one that it does help. For the time being I still have to continue taking Sotolol and Dabigatran but hope to at least reduce them in the near future. The joy is that I have had no AF episodes since May. Will keep you informed on how I get on with new box. Good luck with yours.


Good luck with your pacemaker. I've no idea what sort mine is. I still have AF but hope the amiodarone will work and stop the heart from racing. I must try and ask for some written information so I can refer to it. The sister was telling me about the new pacemakers that were being tried out in the university hospitals that were much smaller and thinner, hope I get one of those if I need another one. I'm still hurting quite a lot but managed to have a shower and feel better. Thank you for your reply, anything I can learn about the outcomes are are extremely interesting. Terry


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