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Bought new blood pressure machine - what does possible cardiac arrythmia mean

Bought a machine from Lidl as my other one was very old and this one is a bit different. Yesterday it said possible cardiac arrythmia once and today it said it twice so immediately afterwards I took my pulse, it seemed normal and not in AF. My normal is around 50, do I need to be concerned as I don't feel I am in AF. Sorry for asking more questions and once again thank you.

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These machines can't really tell you much if there is any sign of arrhythmia as they fall over. Stop worrying. It is all too easy to become OCD about checking and much better not to unless you doctor has asked you to do a chart over a few days.


Your Bradycardia (under 60 BPM) would be classed as an arrhythmia, which is any abnormal heart rhythm, albeit a regular one.



I have one of the arm one from Lidl? However mine has never showed the AF. symbol. Which is strange as I am in Permanent AF? It does match the GP one though for the BP.

They are only a guide, as Bob has said try not to get to OCD with them.