Chinese food syndrome

Early this morning I awoke to have that familiar fish flopping around in my chest feeling. My AliveCor confirmed I was in AF. Last night I had Chicken Chop Suey from my local takeaway. On looking back, the last time I had been in AF was when I had a Chinese takeaway previously. Is this just a coincidence or does anyone else have problems with, I presume, the Monosodium glutamate used in the cooking?


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  • I have the some problem with MSG. Headaches and AF are very common after MSG.

  • I love Chinese food, well I did before I realised it was a trigger for me. Never looked into what it contains and just avoid it totally now.

  • I do hear it can be a trigger for some people. I don't eat it often, but when I have it hasn't caused me issues with my AF. It does however affect my digestive system and cause me stomach upset, as do Fish & Chips. My wife suffers a little with IBS and Chinese food is a big no no for her.

  • As soon as I saw Chinese food, MSG sprang to my mind. A Chinese takeaway has always made me amazingly thirsty too.

  • MSG can be a common trigger.

  • Yes, I have ended up in AF and in hospital the morning after chinese food. It was after this i was put on bisoprolol, and have eaten at the same place since without incident. Not sure if it is just coincedence or medication stopped it happpening again.

  • Yes Chinese food definitely affected me and also brought on a few attacks and I do think it is the MSG. I used to ask them to make mine without which most will do if you ask although it doesn't taste quite the same really.


  • Funny enough I had chinese food last night last night and no adverse

    effects Im pleased to say. I just googled MSG and its says its added to

    food to enhance flavour and would not normally cause any problem.

    Its added to soup and canned veg and that kind of food and is widely

    used. I have never had a problem with chinese food, but if it

    is used in various other foods, why no problem experienced before.

  • Too much salt perhaps?

    I had to stop eating chinese takeaways because they tasted too salty.

  • Never eat Chinese so can't comment but I think some foods add to breaking through the AF threshold and if a lot is eaten late at night that ups the ante as well.

  • Yes I do. Every time. I dont necessarily have full blown AF attack but ectopic beats missed beats whatever I have them. Usually in the middle of the night. BUt other things do this as well. ie. Caffeine (despite recent research,) alcohol, a big meal before lying down,.

    Have switched to Indian food now as this doesnt seem to affect me

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