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Had a Paroxysmal Afib Episode

I awoke fairly abruptly this morning at about 5am with heart palps. Got my GF to listen to my heart, as it definitely felt irregular to me and I wanted a second opinion - she backed up my fears, so I went to see my GP. There the nurse got me hooked up to an ECG and they confirmed that I was back in Afib and told me I needed to go into Glenfield Hospital.

After another ECG I got told nil by mouth so that they could perform a cardioversion, but at about 1pm my heart just popped back into NSR, just like that, and after afew minutes I felt like my old self again :)

The episode lasted approx eight hours and the Cardiologist put it down to the fact that I was taken off Amiodorone about 5-6 weeks ago and it was stilll working it's way out of my system.

They have upped my dose of Bisoprolol from 1.25mg to 2.5mg and have said it may need to be upped again as more of the Amiodorone leaves my system.

Worst part of the day was that I was really worried that I was back in persistent AF again. Second worst part was getting home and having to pull all the little sticky sensor pads off my hairy chest!!!

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Glad you went back into NSR, fancy not shaving your chest for ECG how cruel lol!



I am amazed that they managed to get he tabs to stick. Never could with me without a Bic. (OK since my hormones lol)



It really is weird how everything goes astray and then suddenly for no good reason it will all just return to normal as if nothing had been untoward. So pleasing when this happens.


What a pain in the butt but isn't it such a nice feeling to fall back into sinus rhythm.

And this concerns me a little. I have gone from 200mg of Amiodarone to 150mg and am now on 100mg . Cardio has told me to up the Metoprolol but my resting heart rate is around 50 at the moment so I really am concerned bout going any lower...

Anyway - good news from your end at least :)


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