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Beta blockers and antihistamines?

It's that time of year again, but I feel this year I need to be extra careful with my choice in hayfever remedies.

I'm currently taking daily doses of:

1.25mg Bisoprolol

20mg Rivaroxaban

2mg Diazepam

I asked my local pharmacist what antihistamines I could take and they said Cetirizine Hydrochloride. She said this without looking it up though so I'm still reluctant to take it without further evidence that it's OK. I read somewhere about beta blockers and antihistamines dont play nicely together!

Can't seem to find much online though!

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Dear Joebob

You may find this drug interaction checker useful: You can also check multiple medications at the same time.

Kind regards



Hi Joebob. This is not a recommendation as we all react differently - but I use Cetirizine and Bisoprolol together without any ill effect. My GP seems happy with this too.


I also use Cetirazine with Bisoprapol,it's fine in spite of the warnings!


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