Beta blockers and weight gain

Can anyone offer suggestions of how to loose weight whilst taking BB? I have permanent AF diagnosed 4 yrs ago. I have been on different combinations of these drugs which have all increased my weight ( more than the 4 lbs suggested on any research article I have read). I'm currently taking Bisoprolol in place of Atenolol. I've just stopped Ramiprill due to the daily migraines/water retention and feeling depressed. I'm now obese with depression neither of which is good for my arthritis and my heart.

I have just joined this community.

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  • This is difficult. You will definitely feel even more depressed if you start starving yourself in an effort to lose weight.

    One of the most sensible things to do is to cut out ADDED sugar. Check food labels and avoid things that are loaded with sugar to improve taste ( ie many low-fat things like yoghurt ) Have you noticed that sugar is addictive? You eat one sweet then crave another but if you don't eat the first one then you don't get the craving.

    Fruit contains sugar but that's OK in moderation as it's natural and not ADDED.

    Try to eat natural things like vegetables. Avoid processed stuff. And take it slowly.

  • Thanks Jennydog

    I'm at slimming world and not lost any weight yet. I have read that BB blocks insulin working in your body and wonder if this is why my weight is not moving?

  • I started at Slimming World a year ago. At first it was hard, and I nearly gave up. I'm glad that I persevered as I am now over 4 stone lighter, which has got to be good for my heart. Keep at it and think of the benefits.

    Good luck

  • Just read this post.

    Lynn, having known you for over 30 years and not seen you for a few months...I didn't recognize you at first in the park.You looked absolutely amazing so slim and youthful the weight loss has transformed you and you look really lovely....Four stone is a lot to loose ....Well done Lynn what an achievement give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

    Keep well,

    Carol x

  • What is a four stone. I gave up 2000 calories a day from Pepsi. Yes. I drank about a liter and a half a day and never lost a pound. Guess my bob is why. Didn't know. Thanks

  • A stone is 14 pounds, so 56 pounds.

  • Hi Nicenana

    What problems did you encounter when you first joined SW?

    Instead of loosing weight I was gaining due to beta blockers andnticoagulants.


  • The hardest part was eating more vegetables (speed) with every meal. To get over this I got a soup maker. I throw any veg in with an onion, carrot and a small potato (to thicken) with a chicken stock pot, tbs balsamic vinegar, 1/4 tsp mustard powder, celery salt and garlic granules. I eat some of this before my meal so I don't eat too much non speed food. It is tempting to snack on a lot of the free foods but try not to. I also stopped having "just one biscuit" with every cup of tea, having fruit instead.

    It is really hard to change old habits in order to lose weight. In the past I have tried every diet going but I think SW is the best.

    Don't give up and keep going to the class to get motivation. If you think your class leader is not helping you, go to a different class.

    Get in touch if you want to talk about it.

    Good luck

    Lynn x

  • Cut out the salt!! Also look at contents of chicken stock cube.

    Brewing like that reduces health benefits of vegetables.

    I love chewing raw carrots and raw celery at odd times during the day as an alarm to fruit.

  • Thanks Peter

    Can you have low salt or no salt at all including in cooking?

  • For some 30 years or so I have never added any salt when cooking and it is longer than that since I stopped sprinkling it on my dinner. I think it tastes better!!! If you have been cooking with it for so many years it will take some getting used to it did for my father.

    It was only when I developed heart problems that I started we looking at salt content in foods. EP said to cut out processed foods, reduce salt, etc. When you start looking at the labels on packets (which was a brilliant decision) it's amazing how much salt and sugar is present. Just look at a packet of mince and see how much salt it contains.

    Even with no added salt, cutting out processed foods, no salty snacks such as crisps you can go over daily salt allowance.

    As you know one of the many benefits of reducing salt is lower blood pressure (BP) and it makes me wonder how many people could not only reduce their BP but also how many could stop or reduce their BP tablets!!!

  • Thank you PeterWh

    Here goes starting today....


  • Let me know how you get on. I'm sure that you will be fine.

  • Fell at the first hurdle - well that is I managed all day without until someone offered me crisps last night... three handfuls later....

    Back in the saddle again today.

  • Well the odd two or three crisps don't hurt too much - but then it depends how big those handfuls were!!!!

  • I've only got small hands! But thanks for caring.


  • Thank you Lynn x

  • Hi

    I am on Bisoprolol, Apixaban and Dronedarone and have found weight creeping on in the last few months. Last week after reading Dr Michael Mosley's book "The Blood Sugar Diet" I began the diet and have lost 4 lbs in the first week while eating delicious and very healthy food. I like the science in the book and intend to lose another stone which will give me a BMI of 23 in order to reduce the risk of carrying pericardial fat (which is bad for AF) and also to help my knee arthitis. The diet is full of fresh food and can be quite labour intensive but seems good for me so I would recommend reading the book.

    Best Wishes, Jane

  • Thank you Jane

    I will look out for this book. Maggie

  • Last week the doctor on the Jeremy Vine show was talking about medication that can cause weight gain and beta blockers were on the list along with some anidepressants and anti convulsants. So it is not in your imagination. It means we have to eat slightly less and exercise slightly more in order to lose weight. Not fair I know especially as beta blockers make some people feel extra tired. X

  • I'm in exactly the same position and it is so depressing but I've been doing my version of the Atkins diet, plus making myself more active - difficult when it's forever raining, but I've now got sparkling clean windows and the house is sparkling too, ha ha! Good news, it is working. But will be glad when I can reintroduced the odd glass of wine though! I think I'll get Dr Michael Mosely's book that countrygirl1 recommended - I think he's a great guy. My daughter gives me a weekly weigh in, which is a good incentive, she is also losing weight so it's becoming a bit competitive. Could you find someone to do that with, it really helps. Keep trying, and stay positive, you will get there and then you will feel so much better both physically and psychologically. I've got arthritis in my knees and loads of other places too, so losing weight is such a positive thing to do. Stay strong! Tricia

  • Well done to all of you who have lost weight (NiceNana....4 stone!) It really does help to try and keep your body within a healthy BMI...particularly when there's a chance of having an operation. I bought Doc Moseley's book a few weeks ago and it really has helped to dampen my sugar cravings. I stick to the simpler meals in the book as I hate 'faffing' about when it comes to cooking. Interesting that you are aiming for a BMI of 23, countrygirl1. I'm having to lower my target because, although I am now classed as having the ideal weight for my height, I still have a large waistline. I'm wondering just how low my weight has to go before the stubborn fat around my tummy goes. As Doc Mosely points out in his book, just because your weight is within healthy guidelines, it doesn't mean it won't have to go lower to reduce the pericardial fat.

    Please don't give up, Mags60. 'Slowly but surely' works.

  • Thank you I'm not giving up. I am awaiting delivery of Doc Moseleys book.

  • It has taken me 6 mo to lose 15lb and that was with serious effort, trying to stay between 1200-1500 calories, got my walking up to 5,000 steps a day(goal is 10,000) and a few weeks ago joined a gym. Trying to avoid all processed foods, only drink water, no soda. Eat 5-7 veggie a day. Im 63 and about 50 lb over weight. It has been a struggle but not giving up.

  • Hoski

    I will be so happy if I can loose that weight in the same time period - congratulations on your success to date.


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