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100 bpm

After my second ablation my resting pulse rate was 69-70 bpm for approximately three weeks ,then after doing some moderate exercise it suddenly went to 100 bpm and has stayed there for a week now ..I'm told this is normal but seem somewhat upset that my bpm won't return to 50-70 .. I want to be patient but the rapid pulse rate is aggravating blood pressure is excellent 115/72 average .. Anyone else experienced this increased pulse rate and did it ever go down ? Thanks for the input .

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Hi, I've not experienced the issue you have, but since my ablation I have done away with my Alivecor and my HR strap and watch. I found I was too obsessed by my HR and the obsession used to drive me mad. So much happens with the heart post ablation, so if you can try to put it to the back of your mind. It's not easy, but it's certainly worth the lack of stress worrying.


Raised heart rate post ablation is a quite normal side effect of the procedure and should return to normal over the next three to six months.. Mine did.



Good morning, I am nearly 6 months post ablation and my BPM is still higher than it was before. At rest it is between 70-90 which is high for me. When I spoke to my consultant about it he said it was a side effect and that the ablation raises your autonomic rate which controls your heart rate. He did say it should go back to normal. I am still on 1.25 bisoprolol so not sure how fast it would be if I came off which I plan to do shortly.


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