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Prodaxa and social drinking


When I started taking Warfaren in 2006 a decided to go teetotal to be safe. When consultant thought it was best for me to move to Prodaxa I got excited as under the heading of conflicts, alcohol was said not to have any known interactions. So now I enjoy social drinking with hubby and freinds at the weekend. Now I am beginning to doubt whether it's the right thing to drink and take Prodaxa .

What is everybody else experiencing please and thoughts?

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Forget pradaxa, drinking alcohol and having AF are contraindicated! Not sure why you stopped with warfarin in the first place as I never did. I guess it depends on your definition of social drinking. A glass of wine is one thing but a bottle quite another. I don't have AF any more since three ablations but I till occasionally find alcohol gives me mild palpitations and if I have a couple of glasses as aperitif and then risk a single malt after dinner there is always a risk it could set me off.

Be guided by experience and how it makes you feel, or continue to save money by not drinking at all. LOL


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I never save money Bob, I would just by goodies like crisps and sweets lol !

Thanks for your input, it's appreciated :)


Save money, die rich. 😁



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