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When having ablation A hole was found



I had my ablation last September, and was told it was a success, had terrible migraines with aura for about 6 weeks after. When exercising from then I have eye aura’s so have stopped. My AF symptoms don’t seemed to have improved either. I went to my follow up appointment in January and was told they did find a hole which was not picked up earlier on scan and it was used for the ablation. Is this usual? I did feel upset about not being told. I am still taking heart rhythm meds along with Prodaxa, test redone and just waiting to here if I need another Ablation. Has this happed to anybody else please?

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So I hope you mean you no longer have a hole in the heart?If it remains as a hole between your r. and l. heart it may need closing. I am not a doctor but a hole was found in my heart following a small stroke.....TIA.The closure was done via keyhole surgery, a day op.

Purple- in reply to 10gingercats

Af practice nurse said there are no notes on its size which led her to believe its not large enough to repair, so yes I do still have it.

I have had suspected TIA ‘s I the past but have not shown on brain scans, although ENT suspect it’s what caused my complete deafness in one ear. I do feel in limbo

10gingercats in reply to Purple-

I would be pushing for an echocardiogram .That would tell the consultant the size of the hole.Mine was small but consultant,an expert in holes in the heart, said it was best to close it.It is your decision of course. I am in the uk and Dr. Oliver Omerod at the John Radcliffe did mine.

Purple- in reply to 10gingercats

I am at Manchester, I have had an echocardiogram and monitor for 7 days, just waiting for appt for results.

Thanks for your reply’s

CDreamer in reply to Purple-

Echocardiogram didn’t pick up my PFO, it was only discovered at ablation.

This link is the best explanation of what a PFO is


Purple- in reply to CDreamer

Thanks CDreamer 🙂

Good ,Purple ,re. echo. and follow up. Some hospitals I have heard are not offering 'oldies' more than they have to.I was 73 when I had mine done.If you are not offered a closure and you decide you would like to go for it, and you are older, do press for it .Speaking for myself I also felt better after the closure re. Afib and far less tired.

It’s very common - about 20% of the population have one and they would have had to punch a hole through anyway. When mine was found they did a bubble test but all was ok so didn’t need repair.

Might be worth asking if they did a bubble test and to give you a full report. Are sure you get copies of all correspondence between your GP and Consultant, then you will have all the information.

Need to be a bit careful here, but could you be thinking about the transseptal puncture which enables the catheters access into the left atrium which often cause migraines. This is part of the normal procedure for a catheter ablation for AF. If they are talking about some pre-existing hole then follow CDreamer's advice, but you should find out exactly what they are referring to........

Hi purple, I don’t no if this may help , but I got told that an echo doesn’t always pick up everything and the best way is an MRI scan . I tried to have one but was so anxious I had to stop the procedure. I hope this helps you .

Best wishes

Sam 💖

Purple- in reply to Sam72-

Hi Sam72,

Coincidence would have it, I have just received a letter for a resting and exercise scan. Also I am looking at reducing my weight and get all of this back on track.

Thanks everybody for your help

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