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Went to new York had a great time, averaged 10 miles a day walking.

Came home and day after I had my exercise stress test, not ideal after 5 days of walking and jetlag, however I did it, the gent performing it said I'd done very very well, got to level 5, 14.5-15 Mets, and around 14 minutes, so hopefully this points towards not having coronary artery disease or blockages causing my right bundle branch block, just the echocardiogram to see if any defects and if that's ok then they will put it down to something I've always had.....here's hoping

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Hey jugsy, that's great. You sound much less anxious and fraught. Well done. What did you think of the big apple? Amazing isn't it. Best of luck with your results.


That's brill, did you go up the Empire State Building? If not, you'll have to go back again :-)

Love New York, only trouble is you come back with a crick in your neck from looking up all the time :-)


My favourite is walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to admire the skyline from there.

An unexpected memorable sight was the illuminated skyline during a lightning storm when on the Staten Island Ferry.


Good result.


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