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shortness of breath nurse suggested portable air conditioner

mom is on o2 only on exertion, and at night, sometimes. the nurse suggested portable air conditioner. we don't know anything about them and are afraid of putting the vent part in the window for safety reasons. does anyone have one of these and how are you doing. mom has afib, just came out of chf, and is recovering with alot of meds. we see cardiologist next week. thank you

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Did they say any specific type? I ask because there are all sorts that condition the air but in different ways. It can control the temperature or control the humidity and some will filter dust and some allergens from the air? There are some that will do all but they do come at a price. From the ones I have seen most do not have the ducting on the portable even though some can if required. So you would not need to have venting holes in the window.

If they are looking at keeping some moisture in the room to stop the throat.nose drying up. Try a bowl of water next to a radiator?

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I have a room air conditioner in a vacation home that vents easily to the outside and does a good job of cooling the air. It can be set to remove humidity but not add it. Don't know if that's the kind of "conditionibg" the doc is referring to though. There is also a non venting air "conditioner" made by EdenPure that charges the ions in the air (my husband swears by) and others that filter,etc. They have several products, one that may do what the doc is referring to. I ordered one that was supposed to cool or heat without venting, but the company canceled order without explanatiin. I'm guessing product was too good to be true. Company worth checking out though.


she has shortness of breath. i don't know what kind of air conditioner for her. it is harder for her to breathe in this humidity. what could take its place. anyone have this for breathing better. what do you all have. thank you to those who have responded so far.


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