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Raising awareness to prevent stroke course is this worth attending

There is a course advertised on this web site to be held in Preston tomorrow which is about 15 mile from where I live. Going by the name above would it be worth attending, has anyone else been on such a course? Diagnosed with AF in Dec 14 but just on apixiban and Bisoprolol as needed. Thanks once again.

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I would think so. It will cover other causes of stroke as well as A.F. but that can only be a good thing. If you go, don't forget to report back here! X


Hi, It sounds as if it could be interesting. I live not too far from Preston. I didn't know about the course and would have tried to get there but am at work all day and can't go if it is in the evening. If you do go I would be grateful if you could fill us in on what is said especially in respect of A.F.

Best wishes Kath


If I had the opportunity to attend such a course I would most certainly do so. Information is power, go for it.


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