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Problem after ablation

Further to Stokie's question of 'after ablation throat problem' I have developed a very tickly throat abd persistant cough, throat is

phlemy but not 'nasty', just annoying and stopped me sleeping. I feel

I must drink or suck something to stop it, im sooo tired and dont know

what to try, its better when I sit up but still persistant. Any ideas ?.

Also lump round puncture site is still there and I would say its marble

size, should I worry. Night nurse had a few probes and told me to keep

my eye on it, not very helpful. Im not worried according to information

leaflet, make sure there is no numbness in the leg, and there isnt, so will

it just go in time ?.

Thanks Shirley.

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Hi Shirley I think the hard lump will take a while to go but is normal. My multicoloured bruises took about a month to fade to grey. I suspect that the throat thing is probably related to the ablation although different to how I remember it. My chesty wheeze started a month or so after my ablations in each case and lasted about two months. It was more a breathless wheeze than a productive cough but we are all different.


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Hi Shirlygirly - Re the lump in your groin, I had the same after my first ablation and went to my GP and didn't believe him when he said all was ok. I felt sure a hard tube had been left inside me and a few days later went to A+E, needless to say I was also told it was ok by them too. I believe it's called a haematoma and you will find that it will gradually disappear. However if you are still concerned there would be no harm in going to your GP.

Re your cough - I've just had great success gargling with virgin coconut oil, it has antiseptic properties and can be bought from a health shop. I would melt a teaspoonful in my mouth and then gargle with it. I also drank honey and lemon in warm water. I was amazed at how it cured my sore throat and cough so quickly.

Wishing you well.



Hi Jean, Thanks so much for the tips, funny enough I havent got a

sore throat this time just the tickle which then makes you cough.

carn't say I fancy the coconut oil much, but the honey and lemon I have to hand and will give that a go straight away.

Thanks so much for the tips folks.



Hi shirleygirl. Try manuka honey. It has many healing properties. I too had a lump in my groin, a heamatoma, took a little while to go away. Also had the sore throat and cough. Hope you regain your health and strength very soon. Cathy


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