Thumbs up for being prepared

Don't know how many times I've read on this site about having knowledge about your condition and treatment are paramount. I had an appointment with my EP yesterday afternoon. Prior to that I had done extensive research about my meds ,side effects and alternatives. We talked about why I was on certain meds and the effects they have on me. My condition ,due to the stents, is a little different than just having afib. I gave him a list of alternatives to the two meds which I believe were causing me problems. Together we decided on a course of treatment that I will try and see if the fatigue and weakness subside. He changed me from Lipitor to pravachol. The coreg he says I need but we determined that the timing of when I was taking them could be the main cause for my exercising issues. Since I usually exercise earlier in the morning I will take the coreg afterwards and then 12 hours after that for my second dose. Hope this works. Once again , thanks to everyone on this site for all the helpful advice and info :-)))

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  • This sounds like a very positive discussion and productive for both you and your EP. I'm sure an informed patient's input is very valuable.

  • Good luck and hope it works.

    Write down dates of all changes and doses.

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