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Be prepared!

I keep a suitcase packed with 'hospital stuff' so that anyone who needs to collect clothes etc for me simply has to pick it up. I learned this lesson when I had just moved house and the only person I had met was a rather delectable guy next door. When I was admitted to hospital, the thought of him rummaging around my stuff looking for knickers and nighties did nothing to improve my condition lol!

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Marilyn, there is no doubt you were an excellent girl guide :)

But it's a great idea and very sensible advice.

Although if I had a "delectable girl" living next door to me, I might welcome them rummaging :)

Take care



Will you please observe at least a modicum of decorum sir rofl!


you go mamma . use it or lose it .as they say..


Hey Moggdogg you weren't the guy next door were you lol



I keep a hospital bag packed too, in fact I put the contents into a new bag just last week. My family know where it is stored (in the bottom of a wardrobe). I long not to have to use it, oh the joy I would feel if I could fling it into a wheelie bin as this lousy condition had gone - fat chance.

Re delectable neighbour - lucky you. Mine is a retired GP who has AF, certainly not a head turner but very nice all the same. Can boast of a gorgeous young spanish dentist next door to us at our holiday home though yippee! Be well.




I keep a packed bag in my car boot. On the one occasion I was taken to hospital with AF I was 30 miles away from home, in Wrexham, and they kept me in overnight and then expected me to wait until 4pm to see a doctor. No clothes, no toiletries, no toothbrush, nothing. I staged a walkout mid afternoon.


Now that's an even better idea Jennydog! Thank you x


My daughter is always telling me to do this, but I've told her where I keep a list of things I'll need should I have an emergency admission. Thinking about it now, that's probably a bit selfish of me to expect her to travel the 8 or so miles to my house from the hospital and find what I need, though she's brilliant at it. She works at the hospital and lives close to it, so it's always reassuring for me, when I'm there, to know that she is close. I'm one of those people who have to have a shower every day regardless of how ill I'm feeling! If the nurses wont let me have one on my own, my daughter comes to watch that I'm o.k.

Right off to pack my emergency bag now and err did you say where that delectable guy lives, cos I could just happen to walk by his house and drop my shopping just as he's going to his car. Yes, I've been reading too much Mills and Boon. Oh to live in dreams!!!


Too late Jeanjeannie, he's taken! And not by me unfortunately..boohoo. Maybe Mr Gorgeous will turn up in 2014? Think I've been saying this for a few years now..teehee!


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