I have had AF for 15/16 years. Managed really well on Flecanaid for about 12 years before it stopped working.

Went for my first ablation 3 years ago which was abandoned because of Tamponade, 2nd ablation 8 months later was abandoned because of a blood clot in my heart, third one was not really successful, fourth one last August appears to be really successful apart from a few wobbles in the first couple of weeks everything is fine.

I am off all medication except for Dabigatran.

I saw local cardiologist yesterday and have been 'discharged' unless there are any problems in the future and London have said the same. So for the first time in 15 years I have no forward appointments.

It feels great!!!!!!

Good luck to everyone!!!!!!

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  • Thank you for such an uplifting post. You really did go through the mill - I am quite sure that I could not have coped with all those ablation problems. You deserve a medal!

    Very best wishes for your continued good health.

  • How good to hear such encouraging news! All credit to you for persistence in spite of adversity.

  • Good news is always welcome.

  • Great news! good luck for the future.


  • That's great. That's how I was after my first ablation, complete success, no drugs except anti-coags and no more going to hospital :-) .


  • Congratulations. So pleased for you

  • Brilliant news for you

    A perfect illustration that you need perseverance with AF - but you can get there.

  • Marvelous news, well done you. Shows just what can be achieved with persistence and the right care.. Be well.

  • Fantastic. X

  • Thank you all for the great comments, even though I don't contribute often I do visit regularly and will continue to visit to see how you are all getting on and hopefully getting good results 💜💜

  • Thats fantastic news x

  • Always good to hear good news

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