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Ecg from gp

I've picked my ecg up from my gp to take to my appointment with specialist on Friday, I stupidly looked at it and have now worried myself silly, I didn't understand the lines but there was a printout with it that said

Normal sinus rhythm

incomplete right bundle branch block

otherwise normal ekg

very very worried now at what the bundle branch block could mean

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Juggsy, please don't panic too much. I'm feeling this is mostly very good!

I think bundle branch block is quite a routine thing to have - but also quite an impressive thing to slip into a conversation.

Others will enlighten you but in the meantime, perhaps you will be able to find a demonstration of arrythmias by some guys who act various odd heartbeats to music. I think right bundle branch block is one of them.


When you say good what do you mean......what I've read it only sounds bad


It says normal sinus rhythm apart from the right bundle branch block which is incomplete .... normal ECG. It doesn't sound too bad to me. There are loads of odd rhythms.

Look for cardiac dysrhythmia heartbeat dances on YouTube - it's the guy in the white T shirt with a heart on it. Don't be put off by the dreary music at the beginning.


I was wrong about this although they demonstrate heart block. Might have seen RBBB in a similar demonstration. There are a few, but the one I've mentioned is the funniest I've seen.


I'll look later, I'm in work now worrying like hell...


A website with a pretty complete explanation -


That is a good explanation EngMac.

Jugsy, importantly it says this about RBBB;

'So in general isolated RBBB has no apparent medical significance, and usually can be written off as a "normal variant" and safely ignored'

I don't think it's anything to worry about.



Well I'm not sure if it's just me being over sensitive to it, however I think I'm feeling more breathless and having light headed spells, so I'm convinced there's some underlying problem.....I have my appointment with specialist tomorrow and I'm fully expecting some bad news....just functioning every day is becoming a chore as all I seem to be doing is panicking and worrying


It is very common and nothing to worry about. My son , my husband and myself have it I also have first degree heart block which my E.P. says is nothing to worry. I can't take large doses of beta blockers because of it but that meant I got offered an ablation quicker.x

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I know you must be worried, I know I am. I can't wait for the Echo on one hand, yet dreading it on the other! Don't worry about crying as it can make you feel better, (at least it does me!)

ECG showed that I have a Left bundle branch block, it printed it out on the ECG trace along with 'Possible atrial enlargement'. The cardiologist I saw at the hospital has ordered an echo to find out what the cause is. They said that it can be lots of things or even something that is 'normal' for me. The A&E consultant gave me a copy to keep with me, of my ECG, in case I have to go to another hospital or they don't have my full notes.


Complete rbbb isnt a big deal never mind incomplete, I take it you have bunny rabbit ears on the ecg? LBBB is more of a problem but even with LBBB people live with it for years in many cases. The information printed on the ecg isnt fool proof anyway so may even be inaccurate. I wouldnt worry


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