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Mitral valve replacement

Twenty years ago, at the age of 45, I had an artificial mitral valve replacement. All was well until 5 years ago when AF started creeping in, this appears to be par for the course, normally appearing about 3 years after the procedure, so in that respect I have been immensely fortunate. Two ablations later with minimal work done, I am nearly there, but not quite. In the meantime, the upper left atrium has begun to enlarge, not hugely, but certainly there. My EP has recently put me on 100mg diltiazem daily, with 50mg flecanaide twice daily. Energy levels not great, having been a regular exerciser it has become a struggle to get motivated.

This site is so good and has been of enormous help, I just wondered if there is anyone out there with the same history as mine, would be good to know.

Thank you

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Hi there Anna - Sorry, but I don't know anything about mitral valve replacement, but am just wondering if you've tried clicking on any of the mitral valve blue boxes under your post. I've just had a quick look and it appears some people have had this. Of course some people rarely come on this site, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind you sending a private message. Wishing you well.



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