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Unexpected Source of Sodium Increases Heart Attack Risk Michelle Schoffro Cook April 30, 2015 5:11 pm 73 comments

This is an interesting article about sodium in drugs; but as always, how true is it. I guess it is good to know that some drugs contain sodium and if you are paying attention to sodium intake, it would be good to know the amount in the drugs. You almost cannot win for trying it seems.

New England Journal of Medicine link:

WebMD link:

These links are in the article and on WebMD are many links related to heart palpitations and supplements.

It seems like getting 4700 mg of potassium each day would be a challenge but I have not seen this discussed to any extent on the forum unless I missed these discussions. Does anyone have any comment on this?

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I think what I got out of reading those articles is that taking 1 substance and focussing on that is not taking a balanced view, balance being the operative word.

The big thing is that processed food of any kind (including supplements and meds) is going to have added substances which the body may not recognise nor digest appropriately. I was left with impression that when we use individual substances to try improve our health, all we do is upset our balance.

Eating freshly prepared food from known sources, preferably organic, is the only way to go, food can be medicine but it can also be toxic, as can all of our meds.

Am I going to stop taking my meds because of added sodium? No, because I couldn't function most days if I did. Am I going to check the ingredients on supplements? For sure, but then I always did. Do I think we should be much more aware of the ingredient list? Yes and I would like to see it regulated so that I can sure I see what is in my tablets.

However, I have learned that I am unusual, most people don't read the list of ingredients of what they put into the bodies, and what is more few care - that is the most disturbing bit.

On potassium particularly, I did look at increasing my potassium intake but after researching realised that it is really dangerous to try to increase just one substance, excess potassium will impair kidney function - it is the balance between sodium and potassium which is important - hence the recommendation to lower sodium intake? Incidentally my sodium intake has always been very low, probably why I have been hypotensive rather than hypertensive.


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