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Fed up

After my 2nd ablation last June I felt different was starting to really relax about my Af. Booked a holiday to Majorca had a lovely relaxing week (easter week) the. 36 hrs after landing booooommmmm my heart went upto 150 per minute was rushed into hospital. Yesterday I came out they have started me on dronadrone. Does anyone s else take this medication. Would love to know what you think of it.

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I often think it must be frustrating to have had an ablation, see positive results and then just as you think you will be AF free for an extended period your heart suddenly decides start taking dance lessons in your chest.

I've not taken dronadrone but I know it's got a lot less side effects than my medication (Amiodarone)

I hope you are able to get this sorted and things calm down for you.

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I feel very disappointed for you...Can you think of anything that may have triggered it ...Maybe to much Sun or Alcohol or in my case a combination of both..

Lets hope you get into NSR and fingers crossed this episode was just a one off...


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Sorry can't help you concerning dronadrone but I'm curious about your condition. You say your heart rate went up significantly after returning from Majorca but did you actually go into AF, into arrhythmia? Also, had you stopped all medication after your ablation last June?


Hi I feel for you. I am not as far down this horrid road as you are. I had my first ablation at the end of Nov last year, and have just started getting palpitations. The anxiety is immense, no matter how hard I try to keep calm. I don't know about you, but I find the 'not knowing' what's going on the most stressful.

The only comfort I try to take is that I am not alone, and that the mind is a powerful tool against AF along with medical treatments. Fighting off depression and anxiety is hard and debilitating. But belief that you can overcome this is really important I think. I have counselling and go to gentle tai chi class, which help. I also use essential oils to calm me, which help enormously.

Doctors and consultants always talk about it all in such a 'matter of fact' way, but it is all big to me and I need constant reassurance.So please keep in touch if you need a verbal hug!


It's only natural that consultants, in particular, talk about it in such a matter of fact sort of way as it is their job and they see people every day of the week with AF! That's not to say they shouldn't explain or offer words of comfort but like all walks of life some are much more communicative than others.

Also don't remember that, particularily these days, consultants and doctors have to be very careful what they say for fear of complaints and there are many people who don't want to be told the truth or don't want to be told too much detail as to what is wrong or what is going to be dome to them. That is why I said to my Consultant EP before I had decided to have my ablation to be truthful and honest with me as to what the chances of success were - and he was.


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