Saw a cardiologist yesterday and expressed my concern about being on Sotalol so he has stopped it and put me on flecainide. Said it's better for controlling AF and maintaining SR. My PAF has increased from 21% to 35% since last visit. My heart rate is 108 this morning. My pacemaker revealed max 168 but must have been in my sleep. I had been in normal SR for past 4 mornings but it's all over the place today.

Can anyone comment on the above ( particularly Flecainide) and where I am heading?


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  • Works for some people as do many drugs. It is about finding the right one for you.

  • Works for many but not me. It gave me palpitations and my EP changed me immediately. Got the impression that's unusual.

  • Flecainide has been controlling my PAF and SVT's for 8 months without any problems, so far.

  • When I was first diagnosed with PAF I was prescribed 100mg daily of flecainide. My episodes then increased from about 2 per month to 2/3 per week!

    After a few weeks of this the cardiologist doubled the flecainide dose to 200mg per day and added 1.25mg of bisoprolol. Soon after I added magnesium citrate (started at 300mg and increased to 450mg per day - and now considering 600mg). That was all roughly 6 months ago and things have been improving quite well since then (apart from a set back on holiday when I stopped taking my magnesium and had 3 episodes in a week).

    The last interval between episodes was 6 weeks and I will be very disappointed if that does not continue to improve further.

    I am generally feeling much better and recently changed the time when I take the bisoprolol from breakfast to evening meal to improve daytime energy levels.

    I hope this helps and best wishes for a succesful outcome.

  • Firstly, read the leaflet which says to take flecainide on an empty stomach.

    It worked like magic for me for a couple of years but it can occasionally have side effects and I found eventually that it made my feet numb. I don't think this a problem for many people.

    I wish I hadn't been taking such a large dose (I was on 300mg a day latterly (i.e 150mg x 2) and with hindsight I would have preferred a lower daily dose and to have topped up with extra if I had AF.

    Hope it will work well for you.

  • Soltalol made my heart rest between beats. I was started on 50 Flecainide and then went up to 100 daily. No problems except, like Relim, I have numb feet. Post-ablation I now use it as a pill-in -the - pocket. I wait to ensure an AF episode is established and my stomach is empty then take 100. On the 2 occasions that I have had to do this I have stopped fibrillating in 30 mins.

    PS It cannot trigger addiction which is good to know.

  • Worked for me for 3 years Recently had an AF episode but none since. No side effects to concern me just so glad AF controlled.

  • I've been on flecenaide for about 10 months - 2 x 50 mg. I used to get attacks about 4-5 times per year, but it seemed to be increasing and I didn't like worrying about it, so decided to go on rhythm control. I have not had an episode since, but in the past few weeks I have been getting upper digestive spasms that feel like they are from the vagus nerve, and that both promote shifts in digestion and cause premature ventricular contractions. These do not lead to AF but are uncomfortable and worrisome. I am wondering what they mean: whether I need a higher daily dose of flecenaide, or acid control, or sotolol to settle down the vagus nerve, or maybe the flecenaide itself is *causing* the vagus nerve spasms. Will make an appointment to find out what's up. Has anyone else experienced vagus nerve "spasms" with flecenaide?

  • My arrhythmia has developed into a vagal type over the years and the only answer I have found was to eat small meals, child-size portions. I make it up by eating many times a day. Got used to it now and like it.

    If I do eat too much (i.e. a normal sized meal) I get the horrible wobbles even though my drugs control everything usually.


  • Yes it's the dinner invitations from wonderful friends that are killing me. "Come at 7:30! ... and then the alcohol and the cheese and the nuts for 90 minutes until the sumptuous heavy multi-course meal is served at 9 pm. It's hard.

  • I have PAF,went from daily Flecainide ,which increased episodes,to using it as Pill in Pocket only when episodes happen,return to rythym within

    40mins to 2hrs,much better.Amount used 300mg,as per Cardiologist''s



  • Flecainide never worked well for me. Just made wild and eratic PAF a little less violent but never normal sinus. Got to dump meds completely after ablation and have enjoyed normal SR ever since (going on 9 months now). I consider my PAF a kind of blessing at the time because the doc didn't have to "find" the irregularities during the ablation With stimulation. Completed the job on six areas in 3 hours.

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