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Little scare

Had one episode of AF 4 months ago - back in NSR

Ha a few drinks last Friday and woke in early hours with a heart rate of around 100 - checked an ECG on my Alive core and was NSR so just a raised heart beat. Took 5 mg of bisophorol and that bought it down. Blood pressure was also 150/90 at the time. Have been taking magnesium for last 2 weeks.

Was this just the alcohol that caused this?

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One way to find out.


I would say it almost certainly was the 'few drinks' unfortunately.

It does the same to me : (

I'm sure it's not the magnesium.

One medium glass and I'm alright.

I so wish I could drink wine like I used to.

I would have 2 large glasses of Sauvignon Blanc on a Saturday evening and perhaps a single glass on one or two other nights.

I haven't been woken by tachycardia in the night since I cut down to one or two medium glasses a week. I Never drink 2 in one night now.

Elderflower cordial in a wine glass for me now.

Do as Bob says and test it out but I think it is.


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Same for me as Pat....I dare not drink at all now following successfull Ablation...It took me some time to accept that it was the Alcohol intolerance that was causing the AF....


Alcohol was always a trigger for me so I also avoided for quite a while but now take the odd glass of wine, but don't ever have more than half to one glass.


Same goes for me too, if I drink more than one glass of wine I am woken up by what I call my beaty heart, just fast not AF. I really enjoy relaxing with a glass of good red wine but have to accept my limitations. It just isn't worth it. I believe that alcohol does raise the blood pressure too. Hey Ho! Best wishes Kath.


Sounds like the alcohol. I went tee-total a couple of years back because of nighttime palpitations, or just feeling uncomfortable in the chest.

Opened a bottle of AF Champagne the other day, to celebrate lambing being nearly over, drank a small glass then realised it was proper Champagne!!! I was all over the place. I imagine that if you drink regularly in moderation you're maybe OK, but not if you just drink occasionally. Not me anyhow, can't take any alcohol.


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