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My husband I I booked a trip to USA and Canada for seven weeks in July/ August this year. It was booked last year before I was diagnosed with AF and we took out appropriate insurance at the time. My questions are these:

As our longest flight will be long haul from Australia to LA and as I find it very difficult to sleep on a plane, does this still seem optimistic to even go or should we cancel?

The trip includes two weeks on a coach doing the American National Parks, some free time in Canada doing our own thing and a stopover in Honolulu to break journey on way home to Sydney.

Has anyone with AF done a long trip like this and how do you manage your medications with time changes, less sleep etc?

My cardiologist seems to think it would be OK but was very vague about specifics.

Any ideas? Thanks

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  • Iv'e been away racing in Europe (cars) when in AF. Don't let AF rule your life. You manage your life not it. Might as well feel rough in a nice place than sit at home feeling rough is my view. AF won't kill you. Provided that you have insurance cover go and enjoy.


  • I guess that is true. Thanks.

  • Hi Jill just don't forget to update your insurance to cover the new condition,unlikely any problems arise and have a terrific trip!

  • Thanks yes we are looking into the insurance now.

  • I travelled Ito US from UK and had 3 weeks travelling throughout, had a fab time, despite a few episodes. Just watch out for dehydration and pace yourselves and have the insurance cover. Enjoy.

  • Thank you

  • Thanks. I won't go unless I am sure of insurance cover as USA medical cost are astronomical.

  • Just back from 6 weeks in Far East and 2 years ago similar in USA and Canada. Have persistent AF and heart failure. It's all manageable. Use technology and have a great time.

  • Thank you That is encouraging.

  • I have persistent AF and have just got home from Saudi Arabia where I have been staying for 9 weeks. No problem at all , but I know how you feel. I guess you are taking anti coags?

    These should prevent you from clotting on long haul flights. I also wear flight socks. Belt and braces -- ha ha.

    Go and enjoy yourself. Bebe.

  • Last October our 3 week trip was Seoul Melbourne Fiji Lax home . I have persistent AF and my cardio changed me from warfarin to Rivaroxaban before I went , I didn't have to deal with finding a doctor for blood tests to sort out my INR . Best move ever .

    I get up and walk around panes whenever I can and do those chair exercises , plenty of water as well . Sleep when you're titred , and try not to stress out . On the insurance front , tell them everything . I was unfortunate to have a stroke in Hawaii 18 months ago before I even knew I had AF , that's where they discovered it . Hospital for 8 days cost my insurance co around £100 k ! I would never travel without the correct paperwork now and the cost is £400 pa inc the states . Worth every penny to me !


  • Thanks Lisa I am already on Xarelto as a blood thinner so don't have to have regular blood tests. Thanks for all the information too. The main thing I guess is to make sure of the right insurance cover just in case anything goes wrong.

  • I travelled to the US with my son for 3 weeks when I had AF. It didn't affect it at all. We self drove around Utah, Colorado and Wyoming and had a fantastic time. It included a 3 day kayak trip into the back country geyser areas plus cycling trips through Arches and horse riding. I worried beforehand but it all went very well.

    Have a good time.


  • Presumably you did not have fast AF Mark?

  • No, only about 90-100.

  • Thing is with insurance companies you don't know how good they are until you have to make a claim ! My episode started in November 2013 and I'm still querying a couple of issues ! It was linked to my bank , but on the whole I was pleased with the service I received

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