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Wondered if anyone else had experienced this?

I am lucky that I stay in range usually, but my last I N R. test was 3 (1st. April) which is my max, and letter came 3 days later saying I was to go on 10 th JUNE , I have been worrying about this so I phoned clinic at the hospital and was told I must go Wednesday??? Aren't these people who get our results trained properly? . x

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The computer program used will not change dose if you are in range, regardless of which direction you are going in. Too many centres rely on this program and no human intervention. If you are in range then they tend to increase the period each time up to a maximum of 12 weeks (84 days) which is my general interval. Should you feel uncomfortable with this you can ask for more frequent testing. My point is that this is the system so don't shoot the messenger. They are only following guidelines.


PS Many specialist feel that due to the known variables in INR testing a range of 2.5 to 3.5 is better and up to INR5 will not add any special risk.


Thanks Bob. Reassuring


The nurses are good, the programmer who programmed their computer isn't. I've had the same many times. Clearly going out of range and the computer doesn't register what was happening at all. I've had to phone the clinic who said "silly computer" and gave me a change of dose over the phone immediately and/or arranged a new test.



Yes that silly computer can play with our safety!!! I have to go for INR again, not good when you bruise like me :-) thank you for replying, have good weekend

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I have a range of 2.5 to 3.5 3.0 ideal so 3.00 for me is not an issue. As long as it is not to far north of 5 you will be fine. I have been 7.6 and had no issues?

Nice bit of info here:

Be Well


Sorry offcut it's all foreign to me.

Unless there's a translation I missed..

Reply Try this one.

Problem with a Canadian site it was in English when I posted it?


Thank you, yes hearing some using 2.5 - 3.5. I will try nit to worry if happens again, just thought 2 months was big gap


Programming a computer to spot patterns is notoriously difficult. On the other hand, patterns are a doddle for humans. Someone should have checked your recommendation and not just relied on the computer.

However, as recent articles have shown, if you want the best out of the health system you have to be proactive. In this case get a Coaguchek and do your own testing and ideally dose management as well. Self management has been shown to cut strokes.


I suffer from an intolerance to warfarin (one of a small percentage) but had to be on it in order to have an ablation. I was getting widely differing results from week to week (even though I was not having green veg and fruit so as to try and help). Even with manual assessments and minor teaks (0.5mg adjustments on two days a week) I was getting swings.

Because of the problems I was put on IMR range of 2.5 to 3.5 (as per Bob) and I decided to buy Coaguchek to use because with having the ablation just under two weeks ago I was at a higher risk. I have been doing additional tests in-between my weekly tests and this proved invaluable as my INR was 2.7 on Tuesday in hospital (following CA on the Monday), was 2.6 at local hospital test on Wednesday but by Saturday had dropped to 1.9 and Sunday 1.7. I increased the Warfarin myself on the Saturday by 1mg (it takes a few days to react) and got it back to 2.0 by Mon and then 3.0 on the Wed.

FYI I found out that by going onto the Roche website the Coaguchek was much cheaper than on Amazon and other websites. In addition you can buy it free of VAT Roche if you certify that you are on long term warfarin.


Thank you so much for your advice and good luck


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