Warfarin level for an ablation

I am due to have an AF Ablation on Monday. My latest INR no. has come back today at 3.1 . I was told it needs to be 2 - 3 and preferably in the 2.5 - 3 range . I have to ring the hospital if it is out of range ,which I obviously will do but does anybody know if this 0.1 over will be acceptable? I do have 3 days to get it to drop a little. I am desperate for the ablation to go ahead and am worried that it might be cancelled . Please does anyone know if the 2-3 is set in stone- so to speak .Grateful for any feedback.


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  • Hi Fee, I too am having an ablation any time soon. I asked about INR levels and this was the answer from my cardiologist, so you are probably o.k.:

    'Ideally between 2.0 and 3.0 for 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Not so worried if it is on the high side but don't want it to go below 2.0.'



  • Hi Jean

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I have stayed between 2 and 3 for the last 4 weeks, so it's only today that it has come back higher. Really pleased to read your

    response ,hopefully all will be OK.

    Good Luck with your ablation


  • H Fi

    I would be interested to know how you get on with your ablation. Mine this time will be my second. I felt so much better after the first.

    Good luck to you too.


  • Hi Jean

    Glad you felt better after your ablation. How long ago did you have it ?

    If you don't mind me asking, why are you having it done agtain and were you told at the time that you'd need another?


  • Hi Fi

    When I had my ablation I was asked if I wanted any medication throughout. I said 'Yes I want lots of everything'. I think its a type of morphine they give you. Anyway I remember little of the procedure, so there is no need for you to worry - though of course that's easily said. Will be thinking of you on Monday.


  • Hi Fi

    I had my ablation two years ago. I was fine for a while but then my heart started racing again. I think it's the luck of the draw, some people are better after 1 ablation others may need more.

    I still feel so much better after having my first, before then I was permanently exhausted.

    I believe my cardiologist explained to me the success rate of ablations.

    There are some brilliant, well informed, people on this site who can put things into a better perspective than I am able to. Hopefully they can give you advice too.


  • HI Fi,

    No that number is not "set in stone". As Jean said you *Must* be above 2.0 for 4 weeks before the ablating and even that can be overlooked by a little. They want it above 2.0 because this assures them that there should not be any clots. If they are unsure they can do a TEE prior to the ablation (usually after they put you to sleep) to ensure you are clot free.

    They also wanted my INR in range (2.0 to 3.0) and the day on my ablation (4 months ago) I was 3.1. It is an individual decision of the Dr. Mine said let's go and they did it. I understand your concern because when I was told that mine was high I had the same thoughts, "I don';t want to have to wait and go through this again".

    You might give them a call. They may tell you to decrease your dose for a day or they may just say your good and continue your normal dosage.

    When is your procedure? Will be praying that it is a great success...


  • Hi Tim

    Thank you so much. I was quite worried that 0.1 would be enough for the procedure to be cancelled. I have just spoken to my G.P. who says that it shouldn't make much difference but to adjust the dose of warfarin on alternate days between 5 and 5.5.My mind is now put at rest and now I can concentrate on just being scared of the ablation itself and not scared that it won't be done.

    I am going into hospital on Sunday to have the procedure on Monday 3rd June


    Thank you for all your wise advice and your prayers are very much appreciated


  • No problem Fi,

    I wish that I could get rid of some of your fears but I know it is natural to be afraid when getting ready for a procedure. I will only say that after mine was done I spent quite a bit of time laughing at being so afraid of it. I just went to sleep and when I woke up it was over. Almost no pain afterwards except for a back ache from being in bed.

    Will definitely be praying for the best


  • Hi Fi

    I'm wondering how you're feeling after your ablation? For the first week I felt drained, but perked up more the second week. I have AF with Tachycardia and flutter, which I think is much the same as you.

    Jean X

  • Hi Jean

    Thanks for the message. I feel quite good although like you very drained.I had an episode of visual disturbance for about 20 mins today so seeing GP tomorrow. Will post the outcome. Fi

  • I would ask if they are intending to give you heparin whilst you have the procedure which is usual and thins the blood even more. But your blood has to be 2.5 as it will clot and is more of a risk than AF so it needs to be right.

    Good luck!

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