Recommendation for EP and/or Cardiologist

Hi all.

I get the impression this is generally a board frequented by Brits but thought I would ask anyway.

I previously had a tremendous cardiologist when I was living in QLD.

Since moving to Sydney I have been completely underwhelmed by my current cardiologist - and Dr for that matter and was wondering if anyone could recommend one or both from their experiences?

I live around Ryde but am happy to travel if it's the right person.


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  • Hi Dave, yes you are basically right. Since AF Association was formed in England in 2007 and spawned this forum many of our members are in UK but AF-A Australia was a spin off thanks to our founder Trudie Lobhan and active on your side of the world. If you go to the main AF-A website and look under patient information you will find a list of EPs by area which may help you.


  • Thanks for that Bob - much appreciated

  • Hi Bob I have searched high and low and not find the Australian chapter for AFA. Do you have a link? Because (from what I can see) it is not listed in the HealthUnlocked directory?

  • That is because there is only one website for AF-Association. and it is in UK Within that there is information on all the areas where we have representation. UK Europe. USA ,Sweden, China ,Australia etc etc. Also AF- Association is not part of Healthunlocked, we merely use them for forum purposes rather than have to manage our own forum. Hope that helps.

  • I've been seeing Dr. Vincent Khoury in Burwood, 302/74-76 Burwood Road - excellent - but not an electrophysiologist. If you're looking for an electrophysiologist, you might investigate Dr. Bill Petrellis. I don't know him but he works out of Macquarie University Hospital (among other places) so would be well located for you. It would be great to share information about cardiologists, electrophysiologists, ablation centres, complication rates, and so forth - since I also live in Sydney (and don't know anyone else with AFib).

  • Thanks SO much for the info and I will definitely try out Dr Khoury. I have another visit with my GP this morning and if doesn't lift his game that it for him. Definitely worth sharing the knowledge as you suggest - Bob told me there is an Australian version of this forum...AF-A? Haven't found it yet but must have another look.

  • Please let me know if you find the Australian forum. It's very important to share information. Have you had an ablation? And if so, where? Are you on rhythm control? How frequently do you experience AFib?

  • Hi Thomps, I'm in Canberra. Have had five ablations in Sydney. Happy to chat further.

    David D

  • Five ablations!? I didn't know it was possible to have that many. Can you tell me where you had the ablations and what your experience was? If you prefer you can message me privately on this system. At the moment I am on a rhythm control medication and don't get AFib but I do experience lots of missed beats / PVCs after eating / evening times. They are really a major disturbance.

  • Dave & Thomps

    The Aussie site is

    I am in Syd (Neutral Bay) happy to catch up for a low caffeine tea with either/both of you anytime you are free.

    All the best


  • Thanks Ric ... we are neighbours ... I'm McMahons Point ...

  • Thomps & Dave - I've just sent you my mobile number via the message function - let's get together for healthy beverage and enlightening chat. Ric

  • Sorry, I'm in the UK but I totally agree you have to find a medic that you can have confidence in. May I suggest you contact your QLD cardio with a bit of flattery and ask for his/her suggestion for Sydney as it's a small world and I'm sure they will know several in different parts, worth a try anyway.

    Good Luck!

  • Good idea!

  • Hi, I have been seeing Dr Edward Barin at Macquarie Heart which is connected to Macquarie University Hospital. He has been excellent and has overseen 2 ablations- the second one in September last year (which so far has been successful). I would recommend him without hesitation.

    Good luck with everything.

  • Thankyou thats awesome to know.

  • Great tip. Was your ablation performed by Dr. Barin? You said "overseen" ... I have a minor anxiety with a teaching hospital in that I'm not prepared to take the risk of having my heart operated on by a student as part of their training, as essential as that training may be :) I guess I'm nervous about the procedure and would feel most comfortable if I had complication rates of different centres in front of me.

  • No Dr Barin is the cardiologist, Professor Stuart Thomas from Westmead Hospital actually performed the ablation both times at Macquarie Hospital. I would certainly recommend him and Macquarie University Hospital for this - they were fantastic.

  • Any AF sufferers from Melbourne Australia ?

  • Following on from Bobs post... The Atrial Fibrillation Association Australia have their own Facebook page. Suggest you try Facebook as well. Despite my user name I am not in Oz now but did spend many years near you in the North West suburbs - West Ryde, Epping and Carlingford. Good luck on yr AF journey.


  • I'm sorry that you can't find the right specialists in Sydney Google may help.

    Is there an AF association is Sydney which could help I?

    live in Kiama and see a cardiologist in Wollongong It is great to hear of someone comparatively close with similar A Fib problems

  • I must admit I have not checked to see if an AFib Association exists but after spending some time on this forum which I only found recently its made me realise how valuable getting other people's knowledge and experience can be.

  • Cardiologist wise Dr Colin Tso Macquarie Park, and for an EP I had Prof Ross who is now retired from Westmead Hospital, Prof Thomas from the same area is now seeing Prof Ross's patients and as I have an appointment with him in May I cannot speculate until after the fact.

    If you want to travel to Engadine Dr Shiva Roy is a fantastic cardiologist.

    I live in Batemans Bay and travel to these places for the specialist treatment. However Westmead do offer medicare only ablations for both covered and uncovered patients.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks Soozie thats fantatstic - much appreciated!

  • Just another point if your underwhelmed in Sydney imagine what it is like in the country, we get 1 visiting cardiologist a month. And our GP's are straight from Uni with no experience in anything really.

    Royal North Shore also do ablations, but I have a real problem (in my head) with the place and cannot fault the experiences I had in Westmead Public and Private Hospital.

    Prof Ross trained the EP Prof Thomas and he has a fantastic record.

    Good Luck

  • Hi Dave 1961

    10 weeks ago while visiting Adelaide I had a cardiac arrest

    I live in sydney and was referred dr Stuart Thomas at westmead I think he is the right person for the job .


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