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Timing your tablet- taking

I went to pick up my prescription this morning and the pharmacist asked if I would answer some questions for a questionnaire.

Did I take the tablets as instructed?

Yes, but I now take the 2.5 Bisoprolol at night as my arrhythmia is more likely to strike at night.

This answer obviously struck a chord. She told me that a number of patients had started to take their tablets at night, particularly those on high blood pressure medication. She said "I think that this is the way forward."

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Never ever done anything else. I always take mine before dinner.


I can see why you take your AF meds at night especially with your experience of having night time generated Arrhythmia, it clearly makes perfect sense and its great you have a meds plan which works well for you.

My husband and I both on BP meds have been told by doctors and pharmacist to take them in the morning as BP is generally lower in the night while asleep so take it when up and active.

I take my Rivaoxaban anticoagulant at night as I have been told when it is at its most potent I am not going to be doing anything where I am likely to cut or injure myself when bleeding could be at its worst. (I dont know how that helps if you get a major non injurious bleed in your sleep though!).

I guess we all have to find our own meds levels and timings. Good to know pharmacists are helping out though.

Be well .


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