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All done!

Firstly Thanks to all who sent best wishes to me before my AV node ablation on Monday.

Well had the procedure done without sedation and done in less than an hour, accompanied by Sam Smith CD, courtesy of theatre staff at Freeman Hospital Newcastle.

Everything appears to be good and I feel fine total contrast to my last four ablations.

Now totally dependent on my pacemaker but if it means I don't suffer any fainting episodes or dizziness etc I really don't care.

I have reduced my Metoprolol to 50 mg twice daily , continue with Rivoroxiban daily but now have Ramipril thrown in to the mix, because I am young for a pacemaker?? 49!! I have longer hopefully to be reliant on it so controlling my BP , preserve cardiac function and to prevent muscle from thickening all good if it helps with my AF which has worn me down for the last five years.

this website has been invaluable to me over the last few weeks and lovely people who contribute.

Wendi x

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Congratulations Wendy!

Very pleased to hear it all went well.

I know of someone who had a pacemaker fitted at aged 30 ish

(not sure why) and I do know he's still alive, active and well aged 66 (due to my face book stalking).

It's amazing what pacemakers can do.


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Great news!


Dear Wendie, really pleased to hear your good news and hope you continue to feel well.


Well done, Take care!


So glad all whent well for you xx


What a relief. Well done Wendi!


So pleased for you Wendi. You sound renewed. What a relief to be free from debilitating symptoms and get your life back. No sedation for the procedure either - wow.

You seem so relieved and happy I can feel the vibes from here. Great that you have a life style plan in place to protect your heart going forward. Well done you, what a lovely positive outcome.

Enjoy your new found freedom so happy for you.



You are very brave and Im so pleased all went well, hope thats the end of

your problems. Good Luck.


Glad all went well Wendi, just take things slowly for a while.



Very glad it went well.


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