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Atrial tachycardia

Hello had cryo ablation done over1 yr ago. But was getting etopics quit we bit after . So had 48hr monitor which showed atrial tachycardia , iam taking 50 mg x2 a day and 2.5 beta locker in moring and1.25 in eve , I have been offered another ablation auburn this time ,but iam very worried about having this done and stopping flecinide . I don't know what to do ? As every time I'm off flecinide my heart starts messing about and I really do worry and don't like to go far . Iam under a lot of stress at moment and suffer with anxiety ,can anyone please advise me what to do ,. Is it possible to have burn done and stay on flec x

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Why would you need to if it is successful?


I understand how you feel as I too am about to start coming of flecanide post ablation. The whole point of it all for me was to be able to be free of as many meds as possible for as long as possible but I am starting to get anxious about losing my safety blanket. I think we just have to go with the flow and give it a try. We need to know how successful the ablation has been. We can always go back on flecanide if we really need too. Be brave. I will if you will!

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