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BP Control

Hi all,

Not been very active on the computer lately due to getting my psa sorted this last winter. All seems ok again back on the hormone injections.

I have a concern now though with my high blood pressure. Friends that I know with a high blood pressure all seem to take one tablet a day and all is fixed.

I started on one 10mg tablet of Bisoprolol when my GP first found my high pressure and AF. When I went to see the cardio they dropped it to 5mg.

I had 2 failed cardioversions and they are leaving it to my GP to adjust the blood pressure to try and get it below 150. I am now on

Bisoprolol 6.25mg,

Ramipril 10mg

Doxaosin 4mg (This was just doubled to 4mg in another attempt to control it)

Plus of course Dabigatran 150mg twice a day.

I now have to wait for a month to see if this works.

Is this normal to have a mixture like this? I seem to get side effects from all of them

no doubt some of which may be psychological

The AF well at 76 I seem to be too old for anything to be done. (Risk versus Result)

Regards and hope you are all doing well.


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Hi Ray - It's such a worry isn't it when we have to take a cocktail of drugs. Doctors just hand them out so easily, as though we should be pleased to be given them! I wonder if they would be keen to take all the medication that we're given! I've read recently, think it was only yesterday, of a herbal tablet that can be taken to reduce blood pressure, , but can't for the life of me remember what it was. If I can find the report again I will send you the link. What is a psa?



Prostrate specific antigen. It is a marker that can be picked up from a blood test which indicates a problem, often prostrate cancer. A psa of 5 or more is often investigated.


Hi Jean, Thanks for the reply. PSA is one off those men things. Prostrate ?? Antigen (something like that). A high reading can be a sign of prostrate cancer. I had it years ago and was cured, then it came back last year so had to have my testosterone dropped by now taking a female hormone. Life is such fun with hot flushes etc.



Ray, I believe it is fairly common to have a combination of drugs such as the ones you are taking, to control high blood pressure.

If you have an enlarged prostate this is even more common.

Your friends on one tablet must have mild high blood pressure which has been easily controlled with one drug.

My brother takes 2 different drugs (plus a statin)for his blood pressure but he has never had prostate problems.

If you're overweight or like a drink, both those things can make high blood pressure more difficult to bring down too

Hope it all settles for you soon.


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Ray my husband is on a cocktail of 3 BP drugs, no statins though. He had treatment for prostrate cancer - brachytherapy, 15 external radiotherapy sessions and hormone treatment. Stressful time, he then developed AF and sick sinus node requiring a pacemaker.

He is 81. Age is no barrier to treatment, age is only a state of mind yours or the doctors when it comes to treatment.


Thanks for the reply at least I now know I'm not alone taking a cocktail. I tend to agree state of mind makes a big difference.

Hope your hubby is doing ok The radiotherapy is not fun but the alternative is not worth thinking about

Take care



He just saw his oncologist last week and has been signed off as completely clear. He stopped taking hormones about 18 months ago and his PSA has remained under 1.

The treatment was not fun but the results have been excellent. Do hope you have similar outcome. Very best wishes CD.


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