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I suffer from Paroxsymal AF and have had two ablations, I have been on a low dose of Dronederone and

for 4 years. I am feeling very unwell in the mornings and am wondering about the long term

side effects of these medications and if it is time for a change. If anyone is taking the same I would appreciate any feedback on how they are getting on. I am also on warfarin but that seems be stable.

The forum has been an invaluable source of information regarding the long journey with AF.

Kind regards to all

Rinty 25

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  • Hi Rinty - I have never taken this drug, but as you are concerned I would have a chat with your GP and tell him how it is making you feel.


  • Ive had three ablations for PAF and in each case came off blood thinner three months after the procedure. I haven't taken any other drugs for years due to side effects. I cannot understand why you are still on drugs four years after your ablations. Did the ablations not work or do you have other problems as well?

  • I was on dronedaron for 4 months last year. It did not make my AF better, no side effects in that time. But it can have serious toxicity on liver and lungs in a few cases and therefore the benefit-toxicity evaluation is very important. I suppose you get your liver and lungs controlled regularly and immediately when new symptoms develope. If not, contact your dr now

  • You didn't mention your other medication "dronedaron and......

  • sorry part of the post disappeared !! I have had two ablations,last in Oct 2013 and one that had

    to be aborted, they have reduced the length of the AF episodes but I still get a lot of eptopics.

    I also am a coeliac and have a hiatus hernia and we know there is a connection between

    digestion and AF. There has been no suggestion from my EP that i stop taking warfarin.

    Thank you for your interest

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