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Aspirin 'Resistance' May Make for Worse Strokes

Who knew we can be resistant to aspirin? I did not, but nevertheless, more on the conundrum of aspirin and strokes. Definitely something to ask your doctor about should you be taking aspirin. The article does not say how to test for this.

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In UK aspirin is not recommended for stroke prevention although can still be used after the event . The plain fact is that is doesn't work!


I agree with Bob, but I also have familial hypercholesterolemia and my USA doctor prescribed aspirin for this and so did my UK one. So if you have afib and also potentially another heart issue then you may be prescribed aspirin.

I do not need to start taking anticoagulants until I am 65. And then I may well be advised to discontinue the aspirin.


although I like the taste of asprin, it doesn't like me and gives me stomach ache so I don't take it! I know you can get rebound headaches from paracetamol which happens when you have been taking it for a while say to combat a migraine and then you get hit with another as your body adjusts to no paracetamol. Not nice either.


An interesting read if anyone was in any doubt


Had some bad side effects with aspirin. Stopped taking it by accident and started feeling better. When I realized my mistake resumed taking it and felt worse. So I talked to my EP and heart doctor about stopping it. Feeling much better without it.


Great post , thank you it makes perfect sense to me.

Asprin used to be prescribed for arthritis, back in the day. I recall my gran taking it daily. Then I worked in a pharmaceutical company temping and was responsible for filing the trial reports, which was about the point I became very skeptical about most drugs. It was whilst I was there that a very prominent consultant said to me 'Don't ever taking any drug, ESPECIALLY Asprin, unless it is going to be immediately life saving, or life prolonging'. Wise words indeed.

By the way, gran lived to be 94 and died peacefully in her sleep in 1974, but had developed stomach problems so ceased to take asprin and reported feeling much better after stopping!


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