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Stopping warfarin

Just a quick husband is due to have surgery later in March. He has been told to stop warfarin 7 days prior to the op (hernia). He had two severe strokes eight years ago and I am naturally concerned at him being without warfarin for such a long time. He has af btw. There was a post a couple of days ago referring to "injections" to lessen the risk, should he have a stroke. Can someone explain please, what are the injections and who,should I be talking to about prioritizing their availability.

He is being operated on under NHS, but at private hospital, I would much prefer the general hospital but risk a further wait if I start asking for change. I am fearful of the typical Friday afternoon consultant list, where you are tipped out at the end of the day, whatever your condition and told to,go to A&E if any problems. Bit of a cynic.

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Clexane is the injection . Explain to your GP and he could arrange them. You generally do it yourself at home. very easy once you pluck up the courage.


An inguinal hernia operation can be carried out safely provided the INR is below 3. See this article:

If your surgeon, who needs to get himself up to date a bit, is still hesitant, then heparin should be used.



Thanks Mark, that was just what I was looking for. I am terrified by the thought of his being under coagulated as I have lived through the consequences. Still am.


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