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All set now!

Today I had my Pre-Op at Leeds general infirmary including a TOE and was so happy with the care and attention I received. Really feel relaxed for Mondays ablation and if I'm honest I feel quite excited (Is that a little weird?). I was quite well informed about the procedure thanks to everyone on this forum, plus I had researched quite a bit. I have also agreed to have blood taken from sections of my heart as part of a trial researching AF, that may help future sufferers.

The hardest part without doubt for me will be the resting afterwards. That I don't look forward to, but I will take heed and listen to the advice given by so many on this forum.

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That's how I felt Jason, a bit nervous and excited. Had mine 10 years ago under sedation and it was fascinating. I really enjoyed it. I think maybe the drugs last for a while because I had no problem relaxing afterwards, which I would normally find quite difficult.

Hope it goes well.



Thanks Koll. I've been saving all my TV program's so that should pass a few days


Best wishes Jason, I hope all goes well on Monday.



Thanks Jean


Very best wishes. Regarding the resting afterwards, prepare for bouts of extreme fatigue. You will have to learn how to pace yourself.


Thank you Jenny


Hi Jason, I had my ablation at LGI in October and I too was very happy

with my treatment, I was also on the trial which included an MRI. I had

to have a GA and a second ablation after my EP was unable to ablate

the first attempt. I had to have TOE at the same time which caused a

very sore throat. I much preferred to be awake as you can follow whats

going on and watch on a monitor. Good Luck hope all goes well.



Thanks Shirley. I had a TOE yesterday, but was sedated. My throat is fine, but my taste buds are in a tiz. Anything sweet tastes salty at the moment 😳 Hope you're 2nd ablation was a success.


Good luck for Tuesday. Hope it is as uneventful as mine. You won't mind resting for the first week as you will be weary but the second week is a bit frustrating as you will feel loads better( well I do anyway ). Looking forward to hearing from you.x


Best of luck for Monday. Look forward to being AF free. Mine is Tuesday.


Oh hi Jason, I wish you all the very best for Monday and I hope the ablation works and your AF is kicked to the kerb. Take care after the procedure and I'm sure you'll be fine.



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