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hello all! I am very new to all of this, but hoping , after reading everyones problems , worries, and success stories and the positive comments given to others that I too may be advised and reassured via this valuable forum I have found!

I have suffered paroxysmal AF for around 7 years it only kicking in once or twice a year and not lasting very long , until March 14 the bout of AF began and never stopped, I suffered a minor TIA and as I work in the local hospital, seen a physician immediately and was put on biosoprolol and rivaroxaban, all ok! it took 7 months before I seen a cardiologist who added amioderone to the mix, and put me on the list for Cardioversion!!!! It's now middle of February, still not had Cardioversion , and in nearly a year have seen cardiologist for a total of 20 mins. If all this sounds about right I won't carry on with the complaint that my colleagues in the hospital are urging me to write, and wait. But I am getting worried at the length of time on this awful drug amioderone, what is it supposed to be doing? I feel no different from before I started on it. Sorry to go on, but as many of you know no-one else understands. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest..

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I don't think you should worry about amioderone at this early stage of taking, it 1 or 2 years are about the guidlines. And I have used it on and off cumulatively for six years with nothing but positive results. When you say its not helping, is the af getting worse. ? The amoderone might be holding it back, and keeping things on a low level, it won't always stop the AF, which is what a lot of people expect.

As regards the cardioversion, you might contact cardiology direct, walk into the clinic and speak to reception, and they might bring out a registrar to talk to you. Press the point, if you haven't done so already, before making complaint. Some of us have been on long, long waiting lists, I had to wait a year for ablation. I would also suggest you ask to see an EP (electrophysiologist) who speialises in heartbeat irregularites, either at your GP, or whoever you might speak to next.

Be well.


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Thanks for the reply Phil, no , AF is no worse but doesn't seem any better either, your right I did expect it to do more! I'll try to get in touch with cardio clinic and ask where I am on the list. I just thought the sooner cardioversion was done the better, all seem to think the longer you are in af the less likely you are to revert or at least to stay reverted for some time?.. But time will tell, I suppose it's only natural to expect things to be done quicker than in reality. Thanks again for the advice, will post again soon.


Hi Janine

So you've been in peristent AF from around March of last year, and on Amiodarone since 7 months after then so around October?

Amiodarone is a very effective drug but as you say powerful and I think they use the word "dirty" due to the potential side effects and actual side effects. BUT it is often used as a precursor to cardioversion and can be very useful.

I am on it, and have been since January without any real side effects except disturbed sleep, and I am being cardioverted again in March, and that's fairly usual a 2 - 3 month waits for a cardioversion, but not the length of time you have been waiting. I am likely to come off Amiodarone afterwards whatever the result of the CV unless of course it puts me back into NSR before the cardioversion.

Ring the Cardiologist secretary as ask him/her when the request for a cardioversion was sent and why haven't you received a response? If no action from them then yes I would go down the formal complaint process with a letter to them.

By the way you are on an anti-coagulant I hope having had a TIA

Be well



Thanks for the reply and support Ian, if you can see the reply I sent for Phil, yep I fully intend to get on the case and ring cardio. Can amioderone put me back in SR., if so how long do I have to wait or is there a time limit? And yeah, I'm on rivaroxaban anti coag. Thanks again, will let you know the outcome, if any ,of phone calls made tomorrow!,


Hi Janine

they usually like you on the Amiodarone for 3 months prior to CV, but you don't always revert to NSR without the CV, it can and does happen with Amiodarone, but less usually with persistent AF.

Good luck with the Cardio



I have just replied to so done else about Amioderone. I am finding it very effective but it did take 3 months. I have regular tests for thyroid function and now take a small dose of thyroxin. My sleep is a little disturbed and. I sometimes forget. I need sunscreen. However, being in NSR 99% of the time and feeling better than I have done in 3 years due to PAF, I now feel very positive about Amioderone after a massive reluctance to take it. I wanted to give you an alternative view.


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