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Edoxaban trial carrot and stick

I've been invited to participate in an edoxaban vs warfarin trial.

I currently take warfarin for my AF.

My INR is stable and I have my cardioversion pre admission assessment appointment on the 24th Feb.

The procedure will be done at the John Radcliffe in Oxford. A fantastic hospital with great staff.

The carrot, is that I will get my procedure 21 days after starting the trial, the stick is less clear because I get on relatively well with my current medication and don't really want to mess about with it.

So two questions----roughly how long will it be for my cardioversion after the assessment? I assume it will be relatively soon or I'd need another assessment.

And...has anyone on this site had any experience of edoxaban.

I am in favour of medical trials but I'm not so sure that this one will benefit me unless I've got to wait months after the assessment in which case the edoxaban trial would be a good option for me and I could get my life back

Any comments will be most welcome.

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Hi scrumpyjack

I'm not sure I have heard of a pre-assessment for a cardioversion, is this a standard CV or the internal type?. If internal then I can understand a little more.

I am due for my second CV on St Patricks Day, and providing my INR remains over 2 then I just turn up at 7:30 in the morning at the ward.

Not used any of the NOACs, but at least there will be no INR problems for the cardioversion :)

Good luck, and be well



Sorry, I didn't explain it very well. It's a cardiology pre admission assessment which will be done by telephone and the CV should be a standard jump start to get my sinus rhythm back. I assume the CV will be done relatively soon after the assessment?

If that is the case then I may as well stick with plan A and not join the trial.

How long did your first CV last?...and good luck with St Patrick :-)


Hi Scrumpyjack, yes now that makes more sense, locally they don't even do the telephone assessment, you just turn up.

The first time, I understand I was in NSR for around 40 seconds, after the third "jump start", this time however I am on Amiodarone first which will probably make a difference. I am in AF 24/7 so I will be happy if I get a few days of NSR.

CVs seldom seem to last long term unless you are quite young, or have gone into AF from a known cause such as over exercising, so whilst I wish you the very very best, please be aware that usually they now do CVs just to make sure you can go back into NSR and then that will make the further treatment options easier to work through.

Not sure why you wouldn't be part of the trial, I assume they have explained the difference to you between NOACs and warfarin, some do find them much easier to cope with as no blood tests or dietary challenges. So consider it.

I am sure there will be people on the site who will tell you about being on Edoxaban.

Be well



Sorry a bit late with a reply..

I have stable INR with a monthly blood test and no diet changes, I can even have a couple of beers with the lads :-)

I would do the trial if I was sure that it was a quicker way to a CV....I'm going to phone cardio tomorrow and see if I can get a time scale from them.

Then it's make your mind up time....while I have options.


My experience of two CVs is that I had to attend for a pre-assessment on both occasions - usually two days before. Seemed like a general check on health, blood test for latest INR and to sign all the consent forms, etc.

I guess it's a procedure that may vary with different hospitals.


Hi Dadog1

I phoned the cardiac angiography suite this morning and they told me that after the pre op assessment was done and ok the CV was usually pretty soon after which makes sense.

I think I'll pass on the study...I'm getting on fine with my meds and I really don't want the stress of worrying about alternative drugs and all the extra visits to the hospital.

They've posted my forms to me along with all the instructions.


Makes sense to me, scrumpyjack. Get that CV done and hopefully get into a stable condition, before deciding on where you want to go or do. Trials and studies are essential and useful - but as with all conditions and illnesses, there is right time to become involved and there's a time when it may be better to pass.

Hope all goes well with your CV. Let us know how you get on.



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