Can anyone tell me who is on Pradaxa what they have found is the best time to take it. Obviously I know its morning and evening but I`ve tried before brekki, (porridge), during brekki, after brekki and in the evening the same, before evening meal, during and about an hour after - it makes no difference I end up about 30 minutes later feeling sickly lasting for an hour or so. This sounds not too bad but when its every day its yuk. Been away this weekend to York, was wondering if different food would make a difference but it didnt. Hey-ho

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  • Hi Ruskin, I have been taking Pradaxa 150mg x twice daily following a TIA 2 years ago. Thankfully no problems, just peace of mind!! 1st taken early morning prior to daily porridge ( yummy!) with at least a glass of water. 2nd one taken around 9pm also with a good drink (wish it was brandy, but Dream on girl)!!!.

    One other thing that I have made a priority is carrying round, where ever I go, notification of all medications along with Dr/EP and daughters contact number, ( a life line and peace of mind).

    Hopefully you will get the medication sorted out, Pradaxa is wonderful compared to Warfarin!


  • Thankyou migmog, will try it before porridge with full glass of water

  • I take it usually with food if I remember as it makes it easier to swallow, I take it between 5 and 10am and 6pm - midnight as sometimes I'm lying in bed and think crikey I forgot my Pradaxa :) I have never felt sickly or anything.

  • You have to take it with a large full glass of water each time and with breakfast and dinner. Not on an empty stomach. Also it is moisture sensitive so you cannot place it in a pill box. Hope that cardiologist was quite adamant taking it this way.

  • Oh thanks for that, I do keep mine in a pill box with my other daily meds, so will stop that right away.

  • Sometimes we just don't get on with certain drugs and maybe dabigatran is not for you. I know there are issues around dabigatran and stomach acid which can make the drug more or less effective. Don't forget there are at least two other NOACs - I'm on Amazing Apixaban - so don't be afraid to ask for a change if things don't improve.

  • Thanks for your reply, was on Apixaban for 6 weeks but had quite sever headaches so GP put is trying Pradaxa saying this is the only alternative then its warfarin. You say there is another if this continues to give me stomach problems.


  • Yes, rivaroxaban is a third and this has the benefit of only being a once a day dosage.

  • I take it after food, I find if I take it without having eaten I feel sick and later have indigestion, heartburn.

    It seems to work for me and has stopped the horrible sickly feeling and reduced the heartburn. Hopefully you will find something that works for you, good luck.

  • I have been taking Pradaxar 150 mg x 2 daily for 4 years now (I have permanent AF). I have found it is best to take it after I have eaten something; in the morning it is muesli & yoghurt. Occasionally I get bouts of acidity but nothing anti-acids don't put a stop to. As I travel all over the world for work Pradaxar has been of great benefit and gives me so much freedom

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